Dill Cucumber Chicken Salad

     This is a versatile recipe that is best served cool in the summertime, and warm in the winter.   I wanted a quick, simple chicken salad that was satisfying, tasty, and not loaded with fattening mayonnaise and eggs.  I also wanted chicken salad that didn’t have the consistency of something that had been… Continue reading Dill Cucumber Chicken Salad

Recipe in Progress: Peanut Butter-filled Chocolate Cupcakes

     I’ve been rather busy lately, and sticking to traditional family recipes, so I haven’t been able to post anything new recently. Maybe I shouldn’t admit that, and instead pass this post off as a ‘look at the year in review, as 2012 draws to a close’…. Ah, well. Artfully placed peanut butter chips… Continue reading Recipe in Progress: Peanut Butter-filled Chocolate Cupcakes

Homemade Granola

  I like a bit of crunch to my yogurt. I found it is best to achieve this by adding granola.  If your granola has attained crunchiness all on its own, you best stop eating it. I found a lot of recipes for granola that included a lot of ingredients that I do not have,… Continue reading Homemade Granola

Orange Cranberry Loaf

     Who doesn’t love sweet quickbreads? Anyone? One day I will share my healthier banana bread recipe.  But that day is not today, sadly.  Today, I decided to try a new flavour combination.  Well, new to ME, at least.  I have seen a lot of orange and cranberry combinations lately, so I decided to… Continue reading Orange Cranberry Loaf

Sage Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie

   Shepherd’s pie used to only be something I read about in books as a kid. Some mysterious food that I dreamt involved lovely thick, flaky crusts and warm steamy insides. Well, it turns out I was wrong about the crust, but I was right about the filling, at least!  I know the sweet potato… Continue reading Sage Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie

Twice-Baked Mediterranean Red Potatoes

       Honestly, the goal today was to use up some red potatoes that were starting to grow eyes, and to get rid of some feta cheese crumbles that weren’t yet growing eyes….but you never know. Turns out feta cheese and red potatoes is not a new combination.  But adding broccoli and balsamic vinegar… Continue reading Twice-Baked Mediterranean Red Potatoes

Greek Yogurt Cheesecake

I love cheesecake.  I hate greek yogurt. I hate the fact that a normal slice of cheesecake can easily hit 400 calories and 40% of your daily amount of allowed fat. I love that greek yogurt…doesn’t do either one of those. I have seen a few recipes that completely omit cream cheese altogether, but let’s… Continue reading Greek Yogurt Cheesecake