Time Traveling, Courtesy of Green Day

Plinky: “What song, when you hear it, transports you back in time? What time in your life does it transport you to? Describe that time in your life in detail.”

Green Day

Many songs. One that stands out is “Whatsername” by Green Day. I takes me back to sophomore year of high school. My best friend at the time introduced me to the lovely world of music, but more specifically, the world of punk rock. Green Day and blink-182 were the first two. My Chemical Romance, Sum 41, and Jimmy Eat World soon followed. I quickly began to branch out on my own, picking up Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte, The Killers, and my now personal favourite, MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK.

My taste has since developed in other musical areas too, but MCS is still my favourite of all time.

But back to Green Day and “Whatsername”.

It takes me back to late nights using the world’s crappiest cd player and the world’s most useless headphones to try and listen to Green Day’s “American Idiot” cd. The cd had to be held closed as tightly as humanly possible, and the headphones lost connection more and more easily as the nights went on. Soon there was only one magic position that would allow Green Day’s beautifully angsty anthems to reach my ears. If I even breathed, one earphone would die. The beautiful, angsty anthem became a bit thin and reedy. Then, the second earbud died, and I would spend the next 15 minutes trying to find that magical position again.

Another difficulty was that I had to hold the cd and headphones so perfectly that I couldn’t hit the forward or rewind buttons. Since “Whatsername” was the last song on the album, it was a rare night when I managed to make it to the end of the album.

The songs lyrics were so sad…and they made me even sadder, because I just KNEW that the lyrics were describing my future. (That is, if you flip it around and pretend a girl were singing the song about a guy.) Soon enough I would be leaving high school friends behind, and all our friendships would fall apart, and no one would care….

“The regrets are useless in my head…Remember, whatever, it seems like forever ago.”

Turns out, I was right!

Luckily, my present is much better than my past. 🙂

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One thought on “Time Traveling, Courtesy of Green Day

  1. I listened to all the same stuff! Punk music (especially that album by Green Day) made me feel that I wasn’t alone.
    I’m in a happier present as well, but it is fun to reminisce, so thanks for this!

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