Future of Pharmacy….Hopefully

Plinky: “Describe your ideal job – where would you work? What would you do?”


While the fast-paced world of retail pharmacy is perfect for my love of efficiency and keeping busy, it can tend to be a lot of busy work that does not utilize the clinical knowledge learned from 6 years of pharmacy school. On the other hand, I would love to spend more time helping patients pick out over-the-counter medicines, administer vaccinations, and conduct Medication Therapy Management (MTM) interviews even though I would miss the fast pace behind the pharmacy counter.

Taking all this into account, my ideal job would be to combine these two facets of pharmacy into one. I would want a job where I could alternate between these two aspects of the job. I think the best place to do this would be at Walgreens with Minute Clinics. The new set-up for Walgreens pharmacies are already bringing the pharmacist out from behind the counter and involving them in more and more immunizations and MTMs. If a pharmacist could be designated to focus solely on OTC suggestions, MTMs, and immunizations, another pharmacist could focus on incoming phone calls, called-in prescriptions, checking filled prescriptions, and other currently typical duties.

….The bad news is…this job does not exist. Yet. Hopefully it will within a few years–even if I have to make it exist.

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