Plinky: “What is one question you hate to be asked? Explain.”

Ecuadorian jungle...I'll explain later.
Ecuadorian jungle…I’ll explain later.

It’s actually more of a statement: “Let’s go around the room and say your name and state one interesting thing about you.”

I wish people would not assume that there is anything interesting about me. I’m not saying that I’m the most boring person ever…but only because THAT would be interesting itself.

The second that someone puts me on the spot, I suddenly cannot think of anything I have ever done, interesting or not. Have I spent the last 20+ years sitting staring at a wall, simply existing? No, but in those few panicked seconds, you could have fooled me.

What makes the situation even worse, is that the 12 people in a row before me mention their travels through the Ecuadorian jungle, their term in public office, their singlehanded rescue of a elderly stroke patient and their kitten using only a fruit roll-up, and other equally exotic and amazing deeds.

In the end, I settle for saying something that will [hopefully] make people laugh. They usually do.

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