A Day Without Laughter

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The great Charlie Chaplin is said to have said, “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” I concur.

I love to laugh, but I cannot stand giggling. Giggling is a girly, childish form of laughter. No, I like true, unhindered laughing. Now, that is not to say that I have a nice laugh; quite the opposite! My laugh, when I really get carried away, sounds exactly like a zebra. [If you are curious, it sounds like this video, starting at the 17 second mark.]


Now, I am not completely selfish. Despite being a fairly quiet (NOT shy) person, I love to make other people laugh. Generally, my only significant contributions to a conversation are intended to make people laugh. Unfortunately, a good deal of my humour is of a teasing or sarcastic nature. This does not work so well with people who do not know me well. They, understandably, do not realize that the amount of teasing is indirectly proportional to the amount that I like the person.

I once tried to cut back on the teasing and sarcastic comments.

I virtually did not speak for two years.

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2 thoughts on “A Day Without Laughter

  1. If I stopped being sarcastic, I wouldn’t talk at all either, they say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, I they just don’t get me..

    I do like your blog, i like your writing style..

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