Feta Fig Puffs

Feta and Fig Puffs

I considered calling these “fluffs” instead of “puffs”, just because I like alliteration.

I found a bag of dried figs on the clearance rack the other day at the grocery.  Evidently it was time that I learned what figs tasted like.  They are surprisingly sweet!

I was a little afraid that the sweetness of the fig would be too pungent and a little over-powering, but it turns out that pairing fig with tangy feta cheese and rosemary in a buttery crescent roll makes a very comforting and tasty little puff.

The Recipe


crescent roll dough

chopped dried figs

feta cheese crumbles

1 1/2 tsp rosemary

salt to taste

Servings: 16 puffs

Heat oven to 375oF.  Roll out crescent dough and use half of each roll to make a single puff.  Mix together chopped figs, feta, and rosemary in a small bowl.  Evenly divide the fig and feta filling between the 16 puffs.  Carefully close the crescent roll dough over the filling and pinch together.  Bake for 11-13 minutes until golden brown.  Enjoy!

feta fig puffs rosemary feta fig puffs

Mmmm, dinner!  (Or at least, round one of dinner.)
Mmmm, dinner! (Or at least, round one of dinner.)

3 thoughts on “Feta Fig Puffs

    1. Fresh figs are not really available in my area, so I have to make do with dried figs. So far I have only made this recipe or eaten them plain, so I am still looking for more ideas myself!

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