The Importance of Flour: French Bread

What is the difference between French bread and Italian bread? The best answer I can seem to find (other than the smart answer “the name!”) is that the difference is the shape of the loaf.  French bread is long and thin, while Italian bread is a larger, shorter loaf.  Otherwise, the ingredients and the methods… Continue reading The Importance of Flour: French Bread

Chicken Artichoke Spaghetti Squash

Here it is again. This recipe seems to be making the rounds on Pinterest and in the blogging world.  Up until recently, I had been frightened of artichokes.  My only interaction with artichokes had been with the canned version of quartered artichoke hearts.  Honestly, who can look at those and think anything other than, “hhhblerrrgh”?… Continue reading Chicken Artichoke Spaghetti Squash

Recipe in Progress: Nutella Frosting

Silly me, I thought Nutella was already pretty much the proper consistency to use as frosting. According to Pinterest, no. My brother requested a butter pecan cake with Nutella frosting for his birthday.  Interesting combination. So the Pinterest search began.  I found several variations.  One used cream cheese, which intrigued me.  I am not a… Continue reading Recipe in Progress: Nutella Frosting

German Chocolate Cake for Mum

No recipe today. This is more to make you jealous… My mother’s favourite cake is German Chocolate cake.  She usually has it once every other year on her birthday.  This year was one of the good years.  Per my mother’s request, I followed the full-sugar, full-fat original recipe from the back of the Baker’s German… Continue reading German Chocolate Cake for Mum

Custom Spice Rack and DIY Spice Jars

The name of this blog is “Dinner of Herbs”.  It is only to be expected that I have a lovely spice rack full of herbs and spices, right? That was my thinking, so last November when I was making my Christmas list, I included a spice rack.  Now, Christmas shopping in my house is a… Continue reading Custom Spice Rack and DIY Spice Jars

An Anniversary, Of Sorts

One year ago, I ran for the first time. Sadly, that is not much of an exaggeration.  Sure, I had to run The Mile twice a year through elementary and middle school in gym class.  I hated every minute of it, and spent the majority of the distance walking and feeling sorry for myself.  Things… Continue reading An Anniversary, Of Sorts

Mini Nutty Blueberry Tarts (Dairy-Free)

Dessert for a person allergic to milk and all milk products? Challenge accepted. I may have had a little too much confidence in myself initially, for finding a tasty dairy-free dessert that did not involve me having to go to a specialty whole foods store or buy unique, expensive ingredients is not a simple task.… Continue reading Mini Nutty Blueberry Tarts (Dairy-Free)