German Chocolate Cake for Mum

No recipe today.

This is more to make you jealous…

My mother’s favourite cake is German Chocolate cake.  She usually has it once every other year on her birthday.  This year was one of the good years.  Per my mother’s request, I followed the full-sugar, full-fat original recipe from the back of the Baker’s German Chocolate box.

German Chocolate Cake

Making a German Chocolate Cake and icing from scratch is more difficult than you typical cake, but still not that hard.  It is definitely worth it.

german chocolate cake 2

And to think that I used to not love coconut…


4 thoughts on “German Chocolate Cake for Mum

    1. It was delicious. I am a believer in full calories every once in awhile, for certain items. As much as I love creating healthier versions of recipes, there are some recipes that should NOT be messed with.

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