Chicken Artichoke Spaghetti Squash

Chicken Artichoke Spaghetti Squash

Here it is again.

This recipe seems to be making the rounds on Pinterest and in the blogging world.  Up until recently, I had been frightened of artichokes.  My only interaction with artichokes had been with the canned version of quartered artichoke hearts.  Honestly, who can look at those and think anything other than, “hhhblerrrgh”?

Well, first I made a skinny version of artichoke dip.   Very good.  Very good indeed.

A few weeks later, over spring break, I went to Penn Station East Coast Subs for the first time, and was in an adventurous mood.  I tried the artichoke sub.  Delicious.  So delicious.

So, when I saw this recipe swirling around the interwebs, I knew I had to try it.  (The final sign from above that I needed to try it?  Aldi had artichokes in stock.)

I did not make any drastic ingredient changes: to me, spinach is mandatory and not optional, I reduced the olive oil to 1 tablespoon, and I omitted the vegetable broth.  However, I did change the method somewhat significantly.  I believe I have ranted at least once before on how I greatly dislike unnecessarily pureed foods.  So nothing touched a food processor in my version.  I was left with nice, identifiable walnuts and artichoke pieces.  Ahhh….

The verdict?  Pretty good.  Next time I would probably add some provolone cheese, a la Penn Station….Mmmmmmmm….

artichoke spaghetti squash lemon


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