Yogurt Banana Bread

I went through a year or two where I made banana bread every other week. I’m not sure how I got out of that habit, but I realized the other day that I had not made banana bread in months.  Months!  How scandalous! This recipe has gone through lots of different twists and turns.  It… Continue reading Yogurt Banana Bread

Cheddar Edamame Quinoa Bake

I am honestly not sure why sharp or medium cheddar cheese are sold. Mild cheddar is a joke, not even worth discussing.  Extra sharp cheddar cheese is the only way to go.  If an EXTREME extra sharp cheddar cheese were sold, I would buy it immediately.  I probably would not even be able to make… Continue reading Cheddar Edamame Quinoa Bake

Where We Ended Up: Valparaiso University

What is a couple to do when they have three hours to kill in Valparaiso? That was the question my boyfriend and I had to answer this past weekend, when we were in Valparaiso for his cousin’s wedding.  We had three hours between the wedding and the dinner reception, and we decided to use it… Continue reading Where We Ended Up: Valparaiso University

Disaster/Recipe in Progress: Lemon Bundt Cake

Disaster or Recipe in Progress? Both!  My first attempt at this cake definitely had some disastrous results, but I believe there is some hope.  First, I will tell you why the cake can be classified as a disaster: I should have known better. No sensibly sized recipe includes two full cans of sweetened condensed milk.… Continue reading Disaster/Recipe in Progress: Lemon Bundt Cake

Banana Walnut Oat Muffins {Sugar-Free}

Real sugar or sugar substitute? For the most part, I stick with real sugar.  (Or, to be more exact, I try to stick with LITTLE real sugar.)  Although the lack of calories in sugar substitute is an extremely tempting lure, I cannot shake the feeling that sugar substitutes have some hidden consequences: cancer? paradoxical weight… Continue reading Banana Walnut Oat Muffins {Sugar-Free}

Avocado-Tomato Spinach Flatbread with Muenster Cheese

So now that you have some naan, what do you do with it? Make some wraps!  And if you do not have any naan, go to my last post on Monday, and make some naan!  I am not trying to be pushy; I am just trying to help you.  Your life will be much better… Continue reading Avocado-Tomato Spinach Flatbread with Muenster Cheese

Coconut Chicken Fruit Salad

Spring is officially here. How do I know?  Because of the calendar date?  Because of the warmer, sunnier weather?  No.  Because I had to kill the first jumping spider of the season today.  Blergh. On to much more appetizing topics now!  Warmer weather calls for lighter, cooler recipes.  Fruit is the perfect foodily embodiment of… Continue reading Coconut Chicken Fruit Salad