Grilled Vegetable and Potato Hummus Wrap

Grilled Vege and Potato Hummus Wrap

A vegetable-hummus wrap is not new.

However, the potato component is a little different.  The softer potato blends just enough with the hummus to create a truly satisfying bite.  Also, just barely grilling (or pan-frying…without all the excess oil) the vegetables dries out the cucumber enough so that they are not cold and watery, and the carrots soften just the right amount.  Broccoli is perfection, whatever the level of raw-ness or cooked-ness.  Excuse my poor grammar, but I hope the truth of that statement makes up for the lack of grammatical correctness.

grilled vege potato wrap hummus

The garlic hummus eliminated the need for added spices or herbs…I was almost a little saddened by this.  And then I took another delicious bite, and all was well in the world again.

Next time, I think I will add some zucchini.  Cheese would also probably be a great addition to this wrap, but definitely not necessary.

The Recipe


1 whole wheat tortilla wrap

1 Tbsp roasted garlic hummus

fresh spinach

1/2 medium Yukon gold potato, cubed and boiled

sliced fresh broccoli

sliced cucumber

sliced carrot

olive oil

Servings: 1 wrap

Peel and dice the potato and add to a boiling pot of water.  Boil until fork-tender, then drain.  While the potato is boiling, wash and slice your broccoli, cucumber, and carrot.  In a pan over medium heat with a very small amount of olive oil, toss the boiled potatoes and the sliced vegetables.  Fry to desired crispness.  While the vegetables are frying, spread the hummus over the wrap and lay the spinach leaves on top.  When the vegetables and potato are done frying, add to tortilla on top of the hummus and spinach.  Carefully fold the wrap, and place in the pan.  Gently brown on both sides, and enjoy!

grilled veges and potato DSC04731

Delicious, quick, healthy dinner or lunch!
Delicious, quick, healthy dinner or lunch!

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