Chicken and Rice: Single Serving

Chicken and Rice-Single Serving | Dinner of Herbs

Chicken and rice was one of my favourite dishes as a child.

Until my dad started playing with the recipe too much, and one time we were served army-green chicken and rice.  It was gloopy and scary.

That aside, I did my own experimenting, albeit gloop-free and scary-free.  I am working towards making it healthier.  White rice became brown rice.  Broccoli made an entrance.  Parmesan cheese was reduced.  Next, I will work on the cream of mushroom soup.  For now, I just needed to use the can I have had lurking in my pantry for months now.

chicken and rice

I had another goal: I did not want to make a full pan of chicken and rice…most of it would end up being thrown away before I could get to it.  I hate waste.  Unfortunately it is not as simple as cutting down on all the ingredients before popping it in the oven.  If I only made 1/4 of the recipe and put it in the oven, it would burn to a very dry, sad, crisp.  If I reduced the time it baked, I could potentially be eating undercooked chicken.  Salmonella is a very unwelcome houseguest.

The solution?  Cook it on the stove top.

The Recipe


1/3 c instant brown rice, uncooked

1/3 c water

1 Tbsp cream of mushroom soup

1/4 c broccoli, chopped

1/2 chicken breast, cooked and sliced

2 tsp parmesan cheese

onion powder

garlic powder




Servings: 1

Prepare the rice with the water, according to package directions.  Meanwhile, cook the chicken in a skillet over medium heat.  Cook on both sides for approximately 5 minutes each, or until the chicken is no longer pink in the center when sliced.  When the rice is finished, combine with the cream of mushroom soup, chopped broccoli, chicken, parmesan cheese, onion, garlic, salt, and pepper.  Enjoy!

chicken and rice with biscuit
Note: The full serving is not pictured here. This is just the amount that fit the most photogenically on this plate. I’m not trying to starve anyone.
A Potato Drop Biscuit makes this a complete meal.
A Potato Drop Biscuit makes this a complete meal.

19 thoughts on “Chicken and Rice: Single Serving

  1. Oh, I’m definitely doing this soon. That looks amazing. Thanks very much for the recipe! Could I press this on my blog? I’m at “Foodforsingles.” Very excited to try this out.

  2. That looks inviting and l might just try the recipe but the biscuit is a surprise l have never tasted such a thing before.
    P.S thanks for stopping by my blog

  3. nice! brings back memories of my mom making up a full casserole dish of “baked chicken-and-rice.” Never army green, thank goodness. I like your spin on it and would definitely make it. Adding broccoli is brilliant 🙂

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