Coconut Chicken Fruit Salad

Coconut Chicken Fruit Salad | Dinner of Herbs

Spring is officially here.

How do I know?  Because of the calendar date?  Because of the warmer, sunnier weather?  No.  Because I had to kill the first jumping spider of the season today.  Blergh.

chicken coconut fruit salad

On to much more appetizing topics now!  Warmer weather calls for lighter, cooler recipes.  Fruit is the perfect foodily embodiment of spring.  [Yes, I make up words when I want to.]  However, you cannot survive on fruit alone, especially when spring weather also means the beginning of running season for you!

coconut fruit chicken pecan salad

This is a slightly expanded version of the typical apple-walnut-grape salad.  I think it is perfect as it is, but the addition of a little ginger would probably also be delicious.

The Recipe


2 boneless, skinless chicken tenderloins

1/8 c pecans, chopped

1/8 c shredded coconut

1 medium apple, chopped

lemon juice

1/3 c red grapes

1/8 c non-fat, plain yogurt

Servings: 2

Cook the chicken over medium-low heat until cooked through and no longer lightly pink in the center.  While the chicken is cooking, chop the apple and toss lightly with lemon juice to prevent browning.  Let excess lemon juice drain off before placing the apple in a bowl.  Add the chopped pecans, grapes, coconut, yogurt and mayonnaise to the bowl and mix.  When the chicken is finished cooking, slice it into bite-sized pieces and add to the bowl.  Stir, and enjoy!

I enjoyed my Coconut Chicken Fruit salad on leftover naan.  :-)
I enjoyed my Coconut Chicken Fruit salad on leftover naan. 🙂
Apple, pecan, grape, coconut chicken salad on partially whole wheat naan.
Apple, pecan, grape, coconut chicken salad on partially whole wheat naan.

21 thoughts on “Coconut Chicken Fruit Salad

  1. That looks so refreshing! What a great replacement for all those tuna/chicken salads I’ve been eating… looking for something new, thanks! 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh, this looks delicious! I love coconut but never thought about adding it to chicken salad, so brilliant!

    Also, I grew up with what we called, “jumpy spiders” and I hated/feared them! So I feel for you 🙂

    1. I’m trying to enjoy the runs–the weather has not been very co-operative lately, between the stubbornly cold weather, the storms, and the wind! Oh well, that just means more time to spend in the kitchen coming up with new recipes. 🙂

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