Where We Ended Up: Valparaiso University

What is a couple to do when they have three hours to kill in Valparaiso?

That was the question my boyfriend and I had to answer this past weekend, when we were in Valparaiso for his cousin’s wedding.  We had three hours between the wedding and the dinner reception, and we decided to use it to look around Valparaiso University.

We looked around the art gallery and took our time to over-analyze and critique each piece.  For some reason I only remembered to take one photo.


The highlight of the tour was definitely the Chapel of the Resurrection.

So beautiful
It is so beautiful–but it might be a bit distracting from the sermon.

DSC04913DSC04914 DSC04915

I cannot imagine seeing this every Sunday.  It would be amazing.

Or would I grow insensitive to the beauty after I got used to it?  That would be sad.

I love this picture.
I love this picture.

And we were a little silly.

Such an emphatic sermon.
Such an emphatic sermon.

Then, we decided to drive around Valparaiso.  We saw lots of nice houses.  I found one that had a similar design to some buildings at Purdue, so of course I had to take a picture.


The whole day was fun, and this was my first wedding reception that involved a fancier sit-down meal.  So far, I have only attended weddings of very young couples marrying who were still in college and therefore had very tight budgets.  This was also the first wedding that involved dancing.  I only almost fell out of my high-heeled shoes once, and my boyfriend only elbowed me in the back of the head once–and it didn’t even hurt!–so I consider the evening a success!

Why does each half of my face look so different from the other half?!  Such a crooked smile.
Why does each half of my face look so different from the other half?! Such a crooked smile.



6 thoughts on “Where We Ended Up: Valparaiso University

  1. Of all the times I’ve passed the Valparaiso exit while driving through Indiana, I have to admit that I’ve never given it a second thought. And I think my first thought has actually been of Valspar paint. Oops!

    1. I had never been in the area before either. We took the scenic route there, and it was such a sunny beautiful spring day that even the dumpiest houses we passed looked picturesque. Valparaiso itself was pretty nice, from what we saw. (And oddly enough, I for some reason noticed what seemed like a large number of paint stores while we were there…I don’t normally notice paint stores, so it is funny that you mentioned Valspar paint. MAYBE THERE IS A CONNECTION!)

  2. You and boyfriend are adorable 🙂 Don’t change a thing about your smile–symmetry is a snooze. Thanks for sharing your adventures!

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