Dark Chocolate Pavlova with Strawberries

Dark Chocolate Pavlova with Strawberries | Dinner of Herbs

Dessert is my favourite meal of the day.

At least I wish there were a whole meal devoted to dessert every day.

I first had pavlova (a wonderful chocolate-raspberry flavoured whipped cream-raspberry sauce concoction) almost three years ago, when my boyfriend made it for me for my birthday.  I had never seen or even heard of it before, and to be honest, the stiff, brown, cracked puddle that is pavlova scared me a little.  It looked rather like the cracked mud of the Serengeti in Africa during the dry season.

The Serengeti?   ...or chocolate pavlova?
The Serengeti? …or chocolate pavlova?

It was unbelievable.  So good, that a year and a half later we had to make it again.  (We needed a year and a half to recover from the overt sweetness–just kidding.  Kind of.)

My brother, chopping the dark chocolate.
My brother, chopping the dark chocolate.

Well, I decided it was time that my family got a chance to try pavlova.  It seemed like a fun project that my brother would be willing to help with.  {I have also warned him that he is going to help me with my first attempt at macarons in the next 2-3 weeks.}

Separating the eggs.  Photo courtesy my brother.
Separating the eggs. Photo courtesy my brother.

Unfortunately, I did not have the recipe that my boyfriend had used before, so I used this recipe.  The only real change I made, was that I put strawberries on top instead of raspberries.  To make this a little lighter, I would suggest substituting Cool Whip or even Cool Whip Lite in for the whipped cream.  For the dark chocolate, I was hoping to use 75% dark chocolate or so…but the store only had 60% and 100% dark chocolate.  I felt 100% might be a bit much, but maybe it would have been fine, considering all the powdered sugar in the recipe.

Pavlova, before smoothing it out to bake.
Pavlova, before smoothing it out to bake.
Pavlova, post its encounter with the oven.
Pavlova, post its encounter with the oven.

I accidentally spread mine out a little too much.  The recipe says to make a disc with a diameter of 9 inches, and I went for 10.  The result was a much thinner pavlova with no marshmallow-esque cream center.  Disappointing, but still delicious overall.

washing the strawberries
washing the strawberries
My brother, whipping the cream.
My brother, whipping the cream.

Another perk of baking while at home…I get a better chance to document the process, rather than only the finished product.  🙂

pavlova II 


13 thoughts on “Dark Chocolate Pavlova with Strawberries

    1. Yeah, mine didn’t turn out with quite the same cracked texture, but when my boyfriend showed me the pavlova he made for my birthday, at first I was like, “….oh how nice…you made me a blob of dried mud for dessert…?”. 🙂

  1. Was the sweetness ok? Looks pretty and yum–had only see white pavlova and I like what the chocolate does to it. Surprises me that dessert is your fave as your posts are always about healthy. Looks like we have a sweet tooth in common. My idea of a perfect meal is a big salad and huge slice of cake–heehee. Happy weekend 🙂

    1. I love sweets! Really, I love pretty much all foods, including super unhealthy foods–I am from Indiana, so please, pass the deep-fried pork tenderloin on a processed white flour bun with mayo, hold the lettuce!–I just try to find ways to make these foods healthier without losing the flavour, or I look for ways to make healthy foods as tasty as possible. As for your perfect meal, it sounds like we have similar philosophies: Try to eat healthily so you can splurge every once in awhile. 🙂 I just also try to healthify splurges when possible, so I can have more frequent mini-splurges.

  2. Never heard of a dark chocolate Pavlova but I have made the original one before…it is a great dessert…guests are always SO impressed. This chocolate version is something I will try!!!

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