Easy Mini White Chocolate-Blueberry Puffins

I hate wasting food about as much as I love making healthier foods. The dilemma comes when I am facing wasting unhealthy food.  Decisions, decisions. I had some blueberries that were going to go bad, a tiny bit of pancake mix that had been around for too long, and some white chocolate chips I need… Continue reading Easy Mini White Chocolate-Blueberry Puffins

Balsamic Cinnamon Peach Pork Chops

Peaches! Yes, I think that is all the introduction this recipe needs. While I am still hoping to make a peach souffle similar to my Banana Souffles, I had some pork chops that I wanted to do something interesting with.  But if peaches are already on sale, hopefully I can get some more peaches soon… Continue reading Balsamic Cinnamon Peach Pork Chops

Basil-Dill Egg Muffins

I have never been a procrastinator. However, I believe my planning and working ahead has reached a whole new level.  I have now made breakfast the night before.  No, I am not talking about prepping some french toast casserole bake the night before to pop in the oven the next morning, or something.   (Fortunately,… Continue reading Basil-Dill Egg Muffins

Preserving Strawberries {Not “Strawberry Preserves”}

  Aldi is the best. They frequently have strawberries on sale for $1 for a pound.  I usually buy one pound, and eat it within two days.  Do you think my solution was to slow down my strawberry consumption?  Nah.  I just bought two pounds, and ate it within three or four days. Anyway, I… Continue reading Preserving Strawberries {Not “Strawberry Preserves”}

Recipe in Progress: Cranberry Tilapia Quinoa

Almost. This dish almost was a masterpiece.  Despite roasted, salted pistachios, plumped cranberries, juicy tilapia, ginger, and tarragon…this recipe fell a bit flat.  Bland.  Blah.  There is nothing terribly wrong with it, but it needs some help.  Maybe I was too conservative with the spices?  Or maybe I need some other spices?  I was at… Continue reading Recipe in Progress: Cranberry Tilapia Quinoa



I have decided to start a Facebook page for Dinner of Herbs. This is mainly for devoted readers and recipe addicts who prefer to follow the posts via Facebook, rather than email, WordPress, or what-have-you. The page is very new, so it will be under construction for awhile, but it is mostly done! Go ahead and click the picture to see the page. Go ahead and “like” it…you know you want to.

Pizza Pasta with Peppers

Who says pizza cannot be a part of a fancy meal? That person is wrong.  So is the person who says pizza cannot be healthy! To be honest, I was a little concerned that this would turn out a little dry, but it turned out quite nicely.  I attribute the success to the fresh, ripe,… Continue reading Pizza Pasta with Peppers