Sugar Snap Salad with Pistachios {Packed Lunch Edition}

Sugar Snap Salad with Pistachios

Due to my new schedule, I have to pack my lunch fives time a week.

I suppose I could bring money to eat out every day, but that option is so expensive and unhealthy that I do not even consider it a practical option.  Maybe a year from now, when I will be done with things like tuition, commuting long distances, and having no time to have a paying job, I might let myself explore the healthier options of the local restaurants.  But for now I do not have that luxury.

Does that mean that I have resigned myself to bologna sandwiches with carrot sticks every day?  Certainly not!  Besides, bologna might be cheap but it certainly does not fulfill the healthy requirement.  Since my busy schedule will not leave me as much time in the evenings to cook as often as I would like, I will be focusing more on things that can easily be packed in a lunch.  I am determined to not fall into the sandwich rut and alternate between ham and turkey sandwiches with an apple on the side every day.

grape avocado sugar snap salad

I am probably most excited about the more unique salad combinations that I am coming up with, to ensure I actually eat some vegetables during the day.  This particular salad combination was inspired by an impulse buy of some sugar snap peas at the farmers market.  Since it is a salad, I did not include amounts of the different ingredients.  Proportion things to your taste!  I also love this salad for a packed lunch because it does not require a dressing.  The creamy avocado chunks, the juicy grapes, and the sweet dried cranberries made it plenty enjoyable for me with no added dressing.  Also, I pack my lunches the night before.  I just placed it in the fridge overnight.  Even though I did not add any lemon juice or anything to the avocados, they were just fine the next day at lunch.

The Recipe 



red seedless grapes

sugar snap peas

chopped broccoli, frozen or fresh

roasted and salted pistachios, shelled

dried cranberries

Servings: 1

Dice the avocaodo, shell the pistachios, and add the rest of the ingredients into your container.  Seal the container and place in the fridge until you are ready to pack your lunch.  Enjoy!

There!  Now you can see the sugar snap peas!
There! Now you can see the sugar snap peas!

Note:  This salad only comprised half of my lunch.  I like to eat healthily, not starve myself.  🙂


31 thoughts on “Sugar Snap Salad with Pistachios {Packed Lunch Edition}

  1. What a great idea to combine all those tasty and nutritious ingredients! I won’t be able to sleep well until I try it out! Lol. No, really, excellent entry! Well done!

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your recipes in this series! Thanks for stopping by my blog. It looks like we might both be in need of some recipes for quick, healthy meals!

      1. i’d venture to guess that since you packed the container pretty full, there’s less oxygen hanging out in the airtight container to cause browning. (the salad looks great, by the way!)

        alternatively, perhaps all guacamole will be made with snap peas and pistachios from now on and none will ever turn brown again. 😉

        1. That’s a good, scientific hypothesis–I like it! Haha, you never know, it might be good! If you blend them up, I’m sure most people wouldn’t even notice the snap peas and pistachios.

  3. Those colors are brilliant! Your photo monkey is doing its thing 😉 great salad and I love that you leave amounts to our discretion.

        1. Thank you! I’m trying to improve my photography skills (and if you look at my oldest posts’ pictures, I think you can definitely see an improvement!). I would check out your blog, but it is telling me that it is protected?

          1. Thank you so much for bringing that to my attention as it shouldn’t be protected:) I’ve checked settings > readings and it is set so that search engines can find it, so I’m a bit baffled. Google hasn’t provided any answers yet either 😦 It would be really helpful if you could please try to check out my blog once more, so then I know whether it was just a once off or if I’ve got investigative work to do! Thanking you 🙂

          2. I’ve worked it out:) I cannot thank you enough for pointing that out. I’ve had it linked to a test site for the last 6 months…better late than never:) If you click on my name for this comment it will take you to my blog (if you like of course) but all previous comments (including the one above) will remain incorrectly linked! You’re a gem:) Sorry about filling your post with these comments too! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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