Black Bean Brownies?

Black Bean Brownies

About a year ago, recipes for flourless black bean brownies were everywhere.

I have to admit, I was curious.  While I loved the idea of healthier brownies that had no flour in them, I just did not see how it was possible that they could taste any good.  Nonetheless, I pinned a recipe, and it collected metaphorical dust near the bottom of my Pinterest “Recipes to Try” list.

What finally led me to try the recipe, was my decision to cut the recipe in half in case it turned out inedible, and use the other half the can of black beans to make this salad.  [The salad turned out quite nicely, by the way.  I made it to take in my lunch, so it would have been a part of the Packed Lunch Series, but I did absolutely nothing to change the recipe, so I decided to not bother.]


I made a few small changes, so I will type up “my” recipe.  My brownies were:

a) delicious

b) not brownies

The black bean flavour was very faint and not bothersome at all, and it was very chocolatey and sweet.  In fact, when I make these again, I will probably reduce the sugar.  However, I could not get these out of the pan in one piece.  They were much too soft and almost had the texture of mousse.  That sounds kind of unpleasant, but it really was delicious.  I just had to eat the brownies with a spoon directly out of the pan, which was very dangerous because I lost will-power and plowed through about a third of the pan.  ~sigh~

Anyway, the texture is why there are no pictures of the brownies out of the pan…I didn’t think a pile of mush and crumbs would be very attractive.  The loose texture could have been since I did not have a pan that was the proper size and I had to guess at the cooking time.

The Recipe


7.5oz can black beans, drained and rinsed

1 egg

1/8 c nonfat, plain greek yogurt

1/8 c cocoa powder

1/2 tsp vanilla

1/3 c sugar*

1 square Baker’s semi-sweet chocolate, chopped

Servings: 8

Heat the oven to 350oF.  Place the drained and rinsed black beans, egg, greek yogurt, cocoa powder, vanilla, and sugar in a food processor.  Blend until completely smooth.  Pour into a greased brownie pan.  Sprinkle the chopped chocolate over the top of the brownie batter.  Bake for approximately 25 minutes, or until the center appears set.  Enjoy!



25 thoughts on “Black Bean Brownies?

  1. These look really good— I’ll have to give them a try. Have you used parchment paper for baked goods before? I’ve found that it really helps for getting stubborn brownies out of a pan unscathed.

    1. I have, but that would not be enough for these brownies. True, it would have gotten the brownies out of the pan, if I lifted the entire pan’s worth of brownies out, but the texture of these were so soft and mousse-like, that it would have just smeared around on the parchment paper when I tried to separate it into individual brownies. But thanks for trying to help! 🙂

  2. I’ve made BBB some time ago and they taste so chocolately that you can’t really believe that those brownies contained beans! Yours look super chocolately and yummy too. I’ve always wanted to try a zucchini bread. Time to dust away the cobwebs and get to work! 🙂

  3. I’ve been meaning to try black bean brownies! I’ve done chickpeas and it turned out pretty good. Thanks for sharing…I know I have a few pinned on ‘ol Pinterest too that I’ll have to dust off and try 😉

    1. This sounds like an excellent idea. Ummm…honestly I am not sure what size the dish is. It was too big. The original recipe is intended for a 9″x9″ pan, but I cut the recipe in half…and then used this oddly-sized pan. This messed up the cooking time, and may also be why my “brownies” had the mousse-like texture.

  4. thanks for stating that they aren’t really brownies 🙂 I would have never dared to use black beans with chocolate, maybe the beans are used in a similar way to that of that asian sweet red bean paste (azuki?) Very interesting post!

    1. Well, I try to keep things honest around here–have you seen my “Disaster” recipe section? Yes, I’ve had red bean paste! I’ve had it in mochi, and I really liked it. If I had known what it was before I ate it, I may have been a bit more apprehensive, but I am glad I tried it.

  5. made mine into a Christmas tree-haha. Had to laugh as my verdict was “moist, dense, and pudding-like,” which sounds much like what you’re saying though I could cut mine. Not sure you were around in those days:

    A bit of whipped cream seems in order. ?? Loving the chocolate crumbled on top. Let the culinary adventures continue…

    1. Ah, no, I was still in my blogging-infancy at that time, and hadn’t met you yet.
      Your brownies look pretty impressive! I’m going to just assume that if I had used a Christmas tree-shaped pan, all would have been well. Mine…really cannot be called brownies. It’s mousse. There’s no other name for it.
      Whipped cream does sound perfect! I will add that to the list for improvements for next time.

  6. I always intend to make the black bean blondies, but have yet to do it. I also keep meaning do make the brownies using canned pumpkin. I have made the chocolate chip cookies using chick peas though – they were certainly good, but different.

    1. Mmm pumpkin brownies? That also sounds good. I bought a can of chickpeas just a few days ago, and plan on making those cookies soon too! I am always intrigued by odd “healthy” dessert recipes. I’ve also tried a chocolate “cheesecake” that was made of mostly peanut butter, zucchini, and cocoa powder. It was pretty good, but considering the amount of peanut butter in it, it really couldn’t have NOT been good.

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