Weekend Fun: Cows, Taro, Pretzels, and First-time Yoga

Currently, I am halfway through a 4-week internship.

I work 4 10-hour days each week at a hospital that is over an hour away from my apartment.  [Oh, and it is unpaid.  And for the opportunity, I have to pay tuition to my college.]  This schedule means that I pretty much disappear off the face of the planet Monday through Thursday.  The upside?

THREE DAY WEEKENDS.  No homework.  No studying.  Just time to relax and/or have fun.

True, I do spend the first half of Friday just recovering and catching up from the last 4 days, but hey.

This weekend, my boyfriend and I celebrated Chick-fil-A‘s Cow Appreciation Day.  If you have not heard of it, once a year, if you dress up in a partial costume as a cow and come into the restaurant, you receive a free entree.  If you dress up in a full head-to-toe costume, you receive a free meal (entree + fries + drink).

As my Facebook newsfeed filled up with people in cow costumes, I was a bit confused at first.  After a little research, I knew I wanted to participate.  My boyfriend and I already had plans to meet that evening to walk around historic downtown, so a quick text settled that we would meet earlier to throw together costumes and go to Chick-fil-A.

Yes, I know one of my ears is upside down.  I am just twitching my ears.
Yes, I know one of my ears is upside down. I am just twitching my ears.

I just went for a partial costume, with cow ears, and a name tag.  I helped my boyfriend with a trashbag-turned-cowhide.  It came out a little more fitted than anticipated…and when I tried to fix it, I accidentally cut his actual shirt that he was wearing under the trashbag. Oops.

I got tired of wearing my name tag.
I got tired of wearing my name tag.

I tried the new Cool Chicken Wrap with the Avocado Lime Ranch dressing.  Amazing!  Just…be careful.  The dressing has as many calories as the whole wrap.  Fortunately, the dressing is given on the side, and no one could possibly use all of it.  Hey, I try to cook and bake healthy foods all the time…do you think I throw all of that out the window every time I eat out?  Sometimes, but not most of the time.  🙂

Next, we went and walked around historic downtown.  It was nice to see all the big, old houses.  Some were in disrepair, which was sad, but it was still interesting to look at and dream about how we could fix it up.

This one is amazing...and rather scary.  If the tower was removed, I think it would not be half as scary.
This one is amazing…and rather scary. If the tower was removed, I think it would not be half as scary.

The weather has been surprisingly cool this whole spring and summer.  Now that it is mid-July, I am glad.  Perfect weather for a walk.

Next?  A stop at Red Mango.  The best frozen yogurt place ever.

I wanted to try the new flavour, taro.

Kiwis, blackberries, and a little granola are perfect toppings for the taro.
Kiwis, blackberries, and a little granola are perfect toppings for the taro.

Taro is faintly purple when added to yogurt or tea.  It is sweet and creamy, with a faint saltiness.  Think salted caramel, or chocolate with pretzels.  It is a pleasant saltiness.  Wonderful!

I have to say, I had a hard time deciding between the two new flavours (taro and dark chocolate pomegranate), but I was happy with my final decision.

Today, I had some more cooking adventures with the boyfriend (which may be posted later). We made several things, but I will only tell you for now that we made soft pretzel bites.  They are dangerous.  Very dangerous.

Finally, I was invited by a friend to go to a free yoga class.  I have NEVER gone to the gym before.  I have never gone to a fitness class.  I am probably the least coordinated and flexible person ever.  So, of course I agreed happily!  Honestly, I have been secretly wishing for something like this for awhile.  I am not brave enough to go to yoga class on my own.  It’s silly, I know.  I have done some yoga at home in the safety of my own room, but after using the same video over and over, I was ready for a change.

Walking into the class, I was very stiff from my “long” run yesterday.  (I put “long” in quotations, because it was a long distance for me, but not for most people.)  The class was perfect.  I managed to keep up and not fall over and knock everyone else in the room over like dominoes.  At the end, I felt wonderful.  Loose, a bit shaky, and happy.

NOT me!  :-)
NOT me! 🙂

They have another free class in 2 weeks, and I will definitely be going back.

Tomorrow, I will be scrambling around, trying to prepare for the next grueling 4-day week.  This involves a lot of food prep and cleaning.


29 thoughts on “Weekend Fun: Cows, Taro, Pretzels, and First-time Yoga

  1. I think it is terrible that so many professions now have stopped paying interns. It is sad, really. The employer gets good labor and an opportunity to screen people for future employment. And for this they pay nothing?? Crazy.

    1. I agree. What is even more frustrating, is that I am having to pay my university for tuition. I do not have any classes or anything, I am just working at other places, so why am I paying a university?! Oh well. I do get some unique experiences, and I am getting to try out a lot of different work settings. Not many people get to try out 10 different work environments before they decide what exact type of work they want to go in to.

      1. Yes, internships are great and you gain a lot of insight. But your employers are also gaining. So there should be pay even if meager.

        I am now retired and taught for a while post-retirement so I witnessed the challenges so many of my young students faced. They at least deserved a bit of pay for their hard work.

        In any case, hang tight. There will be a light at the end of the tunnel!

  2. I am so glad you posted this. I have been wanting to try yoga for a while, but I am too afraid because I have never done it and I am so uncoordinated and not flexible at all! I mean it’s really, really bad. I do belong to a gym that offers classes, so maybe I’ll try this week 🙂

    1. You sound exactly like I did, before I started. I started just doing it at home where no one could see me and improved a little before I went into a class. Luckily these free classes are aimed at beginners. Just make sure the class you sign up for is for beginners or all levels–it would be sad if you went to a more advanced class, were discouraged, and gave it up!

      1. Thanks for the advice. I actually did try it because it was at our local community center (where new people are joining all the time and it’s aimed at beginners). The instructor was very patient and let us go at our own pace. There were 4 new people in my class and I loved it! I am doing it again next week. Thanks the guidance! 🙂

  3. You pack a lot into your weekends! Lol the costumes–cracked me up good 🙂 Am going to call you Jenny McCowerson now. (no, really I am not) Cute picture though for sure. I can not say enough things about exercise and the gym, though it’s been awhile since I’ve done yoga. Pilates is worth trying for sure. Though you won’t have time for it Mon-Thurs. Good luck and you go, girl!

    1. Yes, I guess I am an over-achiever even in my spare time. 🙂 I suppose I will respond even if you call me Miss McCowerson….maybe…
      I’ve done some pilates too! Just only in the privacy of my room, not at a gym. At first it killed my lower back, but I think I am getting better! For awhile I pretty much just focused on cardio, but lately I’ve been trying to do more yoga, pilates, barre workouts and such. The yoga is especially important now because I sit in a car 2.5 hours a day, and a lot at the hospital–I get way too stiff.

  4. Chick-fil-A‘s Cow Appreciation Day – Hilarious. I had not heard. I think we just got those places out here. I’ve been making my own yogurt. Have not froze any yet. A bit of some “yoga firsts”. You went to your first yoga class and I’ll be teaching my first yoga class this week.


    1. They have delicious food, so you’re lucky you finally got some in your area. I’ve never made my own yogurt, is it difficult?
      Good luck with teaching your first class! 🙂

      1. 🙂 I know it is here somewhere, but I don’t know where. I have a bunch of foodie friends so when it arrived my Facebook feed was full of pictures of the lines to get in. I don’t think I will be getting there (wherever it is) anytime soon.

        Making yogurt is easy. I have a post in the works. Even though it is easy the post is really long so I am thinking about how to do that. I don’t like to post long post (long comments, yes — ha, ha, but not long posts).

        Thanks. I am looking forward to teaching it. Good times to you on your future classes. Yoga is very nice.

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