Strawberry Sunflower Salad {Packed Lunch Edition}

Strawberry Sunflower Salad

When it is over 90 degrees, there is nothing like a summery salad for a light lunch.

This quick recipe is perfect for a meal whether you are packing your lunch or not.  It is convenient for packing, because once again, the creamy avocado and juicy strawberries fulfill the need for a dressing, at least in my opinion.  The lack of dressing just makes it that much easier to pack this for lunch to take to school or work or even a picnic, if you have that kind of leisure time.  🙂

Look at all the colours.
Look at all the colours.

The Recipe


fresh spinach

strawberries, sliced

1/4 avocado, diced

1 Tbsp sunflower seeds, dry roasted

Servings: 1 salad

Layer the spinach, strawberries, and avocado in your container.  Sprinkle on the sunflower seeds and seal the container.  Store in fridge until you are ready to pack your lunch.  Enjoy!

Who said packed lunches were boring?



31 thoughts on “Strawberry Sunflower Salad {Packed Lunch Edition}

  1. Such a great salad, strawberries and avocados are completely under utilized together! I think I would add the tiniest bit of balsamic vinaigrette and that would be my ideal salad.

  2. Tried it, loved it! Sweet berries with creamy avocado and crunch of seeds! I just poured like a tablespoon of red wine vinegar over it, very yummy 🙂
    Great recipe!

      1. Interesting you say that because I live on sweet potatoes but noticed lately that I am only having one once a week instead of every day…maybe they are a colder weather food for me too. I never thought that but it appears that way now!

    1. That’s me! Simple and…well, ok, that’s half me! As for the avocado in place of dressing…let’s be honest. If you add enough avocado, it could be used in place of the salad too. Just give me an avocado and a knife and a spoon, and I will be happy.

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