Pesto Chicken Salad with Tzatziki

Pesto Chicken Salad with Tzatziki  Dinner of Herbs

Other than the Packed Lunch Series, I have not posted any salads.

As a “health[ier] food blog”, that is a tragedy.  My only excuse is that I throw together so many salads, that I rarely consider posting them.

For this salad, the pesto chicken and the tzatziki sauce stand out.  I made chicken gyros the other night from Tide and Thyme.  The gyros were lovely, but I opted out of the pita – I am still not ready to try my hand at pita just yet.  Too soon.  The only problem, was that despite cutting the tzatziki recipe in half, I still had more sauce than necessary.  I’m not really a sauce/salad dressing/condiment sort of girl, I guess.


The other thing that I loved about this salad combo, was the mixture of warm and cold.  Warm chicken, cool tzatziki, warm broccoli, and cool tomato and carrot.  Everyone talks about texture or flavour, but I assure you, temperature also plays a big role in how a dish is perceived or enjoyed.

pesto chicken salad tzatziki

The Recipe


1 large chicken breast

1 1/2 Tbsp pesto


tomato, diced

carrot, julienned

broccoli, steamed

1/3 recipe of Tzatziki 

Servings: 2 salads

Cook the chicken in a skillet over medium heat, until it is no longer pink in the center.  Reduce heat to low and spread the pesto on both sides of the chicken.  Allow the chicken to brown slightly on both sides before removing from heat, slicing, and setting aside.  While the chicken is cooking, wash and prepare the spinach, tomato, carrot, and broccoli.  Assemble the spinach and other vegetables and top with the chicken and tzatziki sauce.  Enjoy!



19 thoughts on “Pesto Chicken Salad with Tzatziki

  1. Hooray! You have received the Versatile Blogger Award Nomination! The Invention of Living has been snooping through your blog and we love what we see! Please check out your nomination on our blog @ along with the guidelines on what comes next! 🙂 Congratulations!

  2. right on with the temperature thought–why do you think hot fudge sauce is so popular 🙂 Love your recipes as always–so simple, but it all goes together nicely. Kind of like making 2 + 2 = 5 🙂

  3. This is made for me!! I love this recipe. I know exactly what you mean by the temperature of warm and cold together and how that plays a part of the overall taste…and eating experience too!

  4. So glad you enjoyed it. You know, pita was one of the first breads I tried my hand at here at home. I found it very forgiving. This chicken looks wonderful, and what a creative way to use up the remainder of that tzatziki sauce!

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