Goat Cheese Pizza on Whole Wheat {Fixing a Former Disaster}

This is a first! I actually went back and fixed one of my former Disaster posts.  Remember this one? Yep, the Old Sock, Tomato, and Spinach pizza.  It was the first time I had tried goat cheese, and I hated it.  It tasted like soap, or like old socks (hence the title).  The crust was… Continue reading Goat Cheese Pizza on Whole Wheat {Fixing a Former Disaster}

Zucchini Pasta Toss

Let’s clear up a few myths. Cooking does not have to be difficult. You do not need 25 ingredients to make a delicious, satisfying dish. Carrots can be shaved without a vegetable peeler. Pesto makes everything* better. Alright, now that we all have that straight, I can tell you about this recipe. It is a… Continue reading Zucchini Pasta Toss

BLT Frittata

The name of this recipe is actually misleading. This recipe should be called “BST Frittata” because it contains spinach rather than lettuce, but I have a feeling no one would know what to expect from a recipe called “BST Frittata”. The combination of these ingredients (eggs, bacon, spinach, tomatoes, and a little garlic and onion)… Continue reading BLT Frittata

Apple Turkey Gouda Wrap {Packed Lunch Edition}

Sweet, crisp, soft, gooey, savory. Other than those adjectives, I do not have a whole lot to say about this wrap.  It is a simple, healthy wrap that is delicious and not as ordinary or typical as most wraps.  Crisp apple and chewy cranberries add some sweetness and different texture to the wrap, to contrast… Continue reading Apple Turkey Gouda Wrap {Packed Lunch Edition}

Roasted Eggplant Mushroom Salad {Packed Lunch Edition}

Confession. I did not pack this salad in my lunch.  That is only because I made it on the weekend since my eggplant was getting old, and the salad was so good that I finished it before Monday rolled around.  Ah, well.  Next time. The juicy, seasoned eggplant eliminates the need for dressing on this… Continue reading Roasted Eggplant Mushroom Salad {Packed Lunch Edition}

Chili White Bean Hummus

Hummus is fabulous. However, I like great northern beans better than chickpeas…so it would only make sense that hummus made from great northern beans would be even better than chickpeas!  I am not sure that this white bean hummus was better, but it was definitely just as good.              … Continue reading Chili White Bean Hummus

Pesto Salmon Artichoke Linguini

You do not have to be rich to create a delicious, rich meal. In fact, you do not even have to have a lot of time.  I made this meal in about 20 minutes.  The most difficult part was not eating the ingredients before I added them to the dish. I am sure that this… Continue reading Pesto Salmon Artichoke Linguini