Zucchini Pasta Toss

Zucchini Pasta Toss  Dinner of Herbs

Let’s clear up a few myths.

  1. Cooking does not have to be difficult.
  2. You do not need 25 ingredients to make a delicious, satisfying dish.
  3. Carrots can be shaved without a vegetable peeler.
  4. Pesto makes everything* better.

Alright, now that we all have that straight, I can tell you about this recipe.

DSC05899It is a healthy combination of vegetables and whole wheat pasta, with some delicious flavour added by basil pesto.  Since zucchini is so soft already, I left it in larger pieces, and shaved the carrot so that the vegetables would cook at a consistent rate.  I did not want shriveled, burnt zucchini and raw carrot…that would just be sad.  My precaution paid off, and everything came out beautifully.  Play with the amount of pesto, to season it to your taste.  I prefer to not be overwhelmed by the pesto, but to each their own.

Sweet potato fries are a lovely complement to this dish.
Sweet potato fries are a lovely complement to this dish.

This recipe came together in under 20 minutes, from start to finish.  In other words….you have no excuses.  Go make this.  Now.  🙂

zucchini pasta toss

The Recipe


1 c whole wheat penne pasta, dry

1/2 c broccoli, frozen or fresh

1 carrot, shaved

1 small zucchini, sliced

1 Tbsp basil pesto

Servings: 2-3

Bring a pot of water to a boil, and prepare the pasta according to the package directions.  While the pasta is cooking, bring another small pot of water to a boil and add the broccoli.  Boil for only 3 minutes.  Add the shaved carrot, sliced zucchini, and pesto to a skillet over medium heat.  When the carrot is slightly tender, add the drained broccoli and pasta.  Toss to coat with the pesto, and serve immediately.  Enjoy!


*Except dessert.


17 thoughts on “Zucchini Pasta Toss

  1. No, you don’t need tons of ingredients to make a great dish, as you’ve proved to us with this beautiful pasta dish! You have given me a new idea for my abundance of zucchini.

  2. Some nice images here…it looks healthy and delicious! You could even make this dish raw, omitting the pasta, shaving the zucchini and carrots in to strips and cutting the broccoli into smaller pieces. Then marinade all the delicious raw veggies in the pesto for a bit, top with a tad raw cheese or nutritional yeast and voila, a raw version of this simple yet healthy meal. There really are no excuses :).

  3. If you didn’t use a peeler to shave your carrots, what did you use? I’m keenly interested because I actually love to shave carrots for a carrot ribbon side dish – sautee the ribbons in a little olive oil, toss with fresh dill and cilantro and a squeeze of lemon. Voila! BUT, it is a lot of work so I would gladly use any tip or trick.

    1. I used a very unsafe method, haha. I basically held one end of the carrot in my hand, and had the other end resting on the counter/cutting board. Then I used a knife to shave the bottom half of the carrot in quick motions away from myself. You just have to be careful about the angle between the knife and the carrot. The smaller the angle, the better, or else you cut too deep into the carrot and get stuck. (And you have a thick piece of carrot, when you want thin pieces.)
      Your dish sounds delicious! I will have to try that variation. 🙂

  4. I love these types of dishes. They are always so fresh and tasty. One thing I like to do if I have pasta and broccoli, is to cook the broccoli in with the pasta for the last few minutes. This saves time by not having to wait for another pot to boil, and you have one less pot to wash during clean up.

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