Whole Wheat Pitas {Fixed Disaster}

Whole Wheat Pita  Dinner of Herbs

I feel like I need to state again how spoiled I am.

I have mentioned before that the house I am living in is currently being renovated.  The owner of the house has been buying many things, including kitchen goods.  For the first time in my life, I have access to a KitchenAid stand mixer.  Although I still prefer to stir most things by hand, I will have to try to make macarons sometime soon.  The biggest kitchen purchase so far?

The best part? The inside is BLUE. I put “blue” not in all caps for emphasis, but because it bluer than just “blue”. It is BLUE.

Oh yes.  I knew nothing about stoves (other than the fact that I desperately want a double oven in the far-off distant future when I am allowed to dream of such things) before she bought this oven and told me about it.  I am pretty impressed, and grateful that I have access to such a nice oven.

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So, pita bread.  I have attempted it in the past twice, and failed both times.  In fact, the second time, I had sworn off trying it again.  Many people offered condolences, assurances, tips, and encouragement to try it again.  After combining several of the most common tips, obtaining a baking stone, and with a new recipe in my hand, I set off to conquer these pesky pitas.



It's not a great picture, but...look at that puff!
It’s not a great picture, but…look at that puff!

Ok, it wasn’t a perfect success.  Of 4 pitas, only one puffed all the way through the center like I wanted, but the other 3 all puffed too, which is a vast improvement from my first two attempts.  The one that puffed all the way through was a little thicker than the others, so next time I will not make them quite so thin.


At the suggestion of my roommate, I placed one of her baking stones on the lowest rack of the oven.  I used my baking stone to actually bake the pitas on.  I patted the pita dough out by hand rather than using a rolling pin, and I didn’t necessarily let them rise before I put them in the oven.  I did one at a time.

The one thing I would be sure to not do next time?  Put cornmeal on the baking stone before it went into the oven to heat up.  The cornmeal burnt and smoked enough to set off the fire alarm.  Oops.

Next time (this Friday) I will show you the meal that I made to go with these pitas.  Ooo, the suspense…


4 thoughts on “Whole Wheat Pitas {Fixed Disaster}

  1. so glad this worked for you, Jenny! I, too, found that they won’t puff when rolled too thin. Yes, watching them puff is magical 🙂 Thrilled you had success.

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