Challah Bread

My contribution to my family’s Thanksgiving dinner this year was roasted rosemary butternut squash and a giant loaf of homemade challah bread. If you’ve never made homemade bread before, you should make challah bread. It is very forgiving and misleadingly impressive. Oh, and superbly delicious. Cannot forget that little detail! This recipe only takes about… Continue reading Challah Bread

[Accidentally] Toasted Pumpkin Bread

I should have known that things would not go as planned when I found the pumpkin puree had separated, and the solid portion had the intriguing texture of a sponge. Maybe canned pumpkin puree should not be frozen? Anyway, I thought the bread was ready after 45 minutes of baking, since the toothpick came out… Continue reading [Accidentally] Toasted Pumpkin Bread

Sweet Potato-Black Bean Salad

Guacamole would be a perfect complement to this dish. Sadly, I had no avocados at my disposal, so I stuck with just the sweet potato and black bean dish. Not only is this dish pleasantly fall-hued, but it is satisfying and tasty too. The lime juice and cilantro keep the dish from becoming too heavy,… Continue reading Sweet Potato-Black Bean Salad

I am still cooking, I promise…

I may have been rather absent lately, but it’s not because I have chosen to be so. A broken computer, illness, 2-hour commutes 5+ days per week, career fairs, interviews, a minor car accident, and trying to figure out what to try to do next year has distracted me a bit and left little time… Continue reading I am still cooking, I promise…