I am still cooking, I promise…

I may have been rather absent lately, but it’s not because I have chosen to be so.

A broken computer, illness, 2-hour commutes 5+ days per week, career fairs, interviews, a minor car accident, and trying to figure out what to try to do next year has distracted me a bit and left little time to eat, let alone cook or bake.
Oh, I have found a little time to cook and bake–but I did not have enough time left to also blog about it.

The good non-food-related news?

1. Fortunately, I have a new iPad that is going to serve as my new computer! I love it so far, but I am still figuring a few things out…like how to best get pictures on my iPad…hence the lack of photos in this post.
2. I only have four more days of my current rotation, and then my [ridiculously wonderfully] long Christmas vacation begins!
3. I will get a fabulous job offer from my company of choice next week.
Ok, that last one is only wishful thinking. Buh.

I good food-related news?
1. I have made sweet potato biscuits twice within the last 2 weeks. [ok, I guess that is good news for me, but not necessarily for you]
2. I am making some butternut squash-chorizo dish for dinner tonight with my boyfriend. If I remember to take my camera, you guys might even get a proper post! …sometime next week…


16 thoughts on “I am still cooking, I promise…

  1. Your number 3 in the post is so funny! Job-seeking time is super stressful – plus you’ve had other challenges to deal with that I’m sure you could have done without. Best wishes for a successful interview process all around!

    1. Thank you! The interviews seemed to mostly go well (except for the two interviewers who kept bashing the company that I am currently employed by as an intern…that was awkward…and rather unprofessional, in my opinion) and now I am just waiting and hoping to hear back soon!

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your illness and car accident. Hope you are doing better. I’m glad you will get a long Christmas break to heal and catch up on things. Hang in there!

  3. There is always time to cook, a busy woman has to eat! Blogging on the other hand…. I feel your pain! I would love to write posts all the time, but being a functioning adult can be exhausting. Hang in there!

    1. Oh, YES it can be exhausting! But I have a break now, so I am hoping I can start blogging some more…the only problem is that now it is late fall/winter, and there is not much natural light to work with! I guess I will have to schedule my baking/cooking creations for the middle of the day.

  4. you are at such an intense time of your life. Agreeing with fromthefamily table above in that it will be behind you soon enough. All sorts of stressors all the way through life, but what you’re experiencing now is definitely unique in the nearly infinite transitions it offers. If your pharmacy skills are anything like your blogging skills, I’d imagine an amazing job offer will come your way sooner rather than later 🙂 Wishing you the best!

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