Daikon Radish, Carrot, Pork Nabe

After spending 4 months in Japan studying abroad, my brother is back. Even better?  He brought food! He has made so many dishes that I may have to devote a whole new series just to Japanese food!  So far we have had tonkatsu, steamed eggplant, Japanese pumpkin, several versions of miso soup, and lots of… Continue reading Daikon Radish, Carrot, Pork Nabe

Christmas Break

Mini Christmas village decorations.
Mini Christmas village decorations.

Late Merry Christmas!

My brother is home, and he brought many Japanese gifts.

Fancy Japanese mascara, Japanese magnets with cute bunnies, chopsticks, and a beautiful Japanese cookbook....no, I cannot read a word of Japanese.  Oh well.
Fancy Japanese mascara, Japanese magnets with cute bunnies, chopsticks, and a beautiful Japanese cookbook….no, I cannot read a word of Japanese. Oh well.

And has been cooking Japanese food for us.

Nabe...I will have a post with more details later.  :-)
Nabe…I will have a post with more details later. 🙂

fire knife mizuna pickledI am enjoying my camera.


So has my boyfriend.


One more week of break, then it is back to work!

readytoeat sunbeam

16 weeks of rotations….then 3 weeks of break…then graduation!

Then the pharmacy board exam and TWO law exams….then licensure!

Then, moving to a new city, and truly starting “adult” life.

Spinach-Artichoke Chicken

This smells wonderful as it bakes. It tastes even better than it smells. The slight bitterness of the spinach is offset by the light creaminess of the neufchatel cream.  (Yes, of course you can use regular cream cheese if you wish–but the lighter neufchatel does the job while being slightly less unhealthy.)  And the almonds… Continue reading Spinach-Artichoke Chicken

Korean Beef Salad

This is the final post about this Korean beef/cucumber slaw, I promise! Here is the recipe for the crockpot Korean beef that my family used.  I reduced the brown sugar, and we didn’t use the full five pounds of beef, but otherwise we stuck to the recipe. This just seemed like the simplest way to… Continue reading Korean Beef Salad

Cucumber Slaw II

So last time I posted my plans for improving a cucumber slaw recipe. It only took me about an hour after posting to start on a new recipe.  The funny part?  I didn’t follow all of my own suggestions.  Instead of adding red cabbage, I added mini sweet peppers.  I did not have any red… Continue reading Cucumber Slaw II

Cucumber Slaw {Plans for a future recipe}

Sometimes (when I am at home, mostly) I am not able to experiment with a recipe the way I would like to. Sometimes it is because I do not have an ingredient that I thought I had.  Sometimes it is because I forget to add an ingredient I planned on adding.  And sometimes it is… Continue reading Cucumber Slaw {Plans for a future recipe}

Change: Fortunate or Borderline Spoiled?

The first change that you will probably notice around Dinner of Herbs is…the new design! I decided that after using the same theme for almost a year, it was time to freshen up the site just a little.  I chose this design due to its emphasis on photographs.  Since I am not much of a… Continue reading Change: Fortunate or Borderline Spoiled?