Toasted Rosemary Almonds

Toasted Rosemary Almonds  Dinner of Herbs.jpg

Have you noticed how everything lately has been either toasted or roasted?

Must be the colder weather causing this.  Cold food just is no where near as appealing when it’s snowing outside.


Typically, my family buys a ridiculously large (and yet not-large-enough) container of salted, roasted almonds fairly often.  Well, my dad likes to get the container of raw almonds instead.  Last trip to the grocery store, my dad went alone, and guess what.  No roasted almonds…just raw almonds.  I did not mind, by my mom was another story.

I decided to try and make everyone happy.  Less altruistically, I had this recipe that I had found months ago and had been wanting to try–this seemed like the perfect opportunity!

They came out quite nicely!  Of course, I did not doubt it–rosemary IS my favourite.

The one thing I would say, though, is to be sure to allow them to cool before you eat them.  I tasted them while they were still warm, and I was disappointed.  The flavour is much better when they are completely cooled.  Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Toasted Rosemary Almonds

  1. ain’t nothing better than salted and roasted almonds, cashews, etc. Your batch looks tasty. Another trick for almonds: spritz lightly with oil and toss in a mixture with a wee bit of sugar and Tbsp or so of unsweetened cocoa powder. Chocolate almonds, without being as heavy as the chocolate-dipped variety.

    1. Ooooh, those sound amazing. I think I have had something very similar once, bought from a store. Homemade would be much better of course (I feel that we may have had this conversation before, about homemade >>> store-bought ?) I shall have to try it–I have some raw almonds left!

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