Change: Fortunate or Borderline Spoiled?

The first change that you will probably notice around Dinner of Herbs is…the new design!

I decided that after using the same theme for almost a year, it was time to freshen up the site just a little.  I chose this design due to its emphasis on photographs.  Since I am not much of a writer, I aim to make this food blog be primarily about the pictures and the recipe.  A little back story is always nice, but it’s really the food that should shine through.  There is another reason that I chose this theme…and it leads us to the next change.

I am getting a fancy DSLR camera for Christmas!  I won’t have the lens that I think is the best for food photography for awhile, but I think I can make it work with the lens I do have.  Besides, it will take me awhile to figure the camera out anyway.  I have been researching DSLRs and reading how and why to use the different settings.  I can’t wait to try it out!

Fancy camera in amateur's hands does NOT = fancy pics.  But I plan on learning!
Fancy camera in amateur’s hands does NOT = fancy pics. But I plan on learning!

Other than photographing food, I also hope to take beautiful pictures when I go on trips or explore new areas.  Speaking of exploring new areas….

I’m moving 5 hours away from home, family, and friends in a few months.  If you remember, a few posts ago I mentioned going to a career fair and having several interviews.  Well, I have heard back from my company of choice, Walgreens!  First, they offered me a job 5 hours away in “City B” with a chance of eventually getting this more unique position in the future.  I am not a gambler or risk-taker by nature, so I was very cautious.  I did not particularly want to move that far away and I felt that it was very unlikely that I would get the eventual position.  Then, the local Walgreens contacted me, asking me to apply to work in my hometown.  This was not much of a surprise, since they have been trying to get me to stay in town for the past 4 years or so that I have worked for them as a technician and intern.  While I do not want to move 5 hours away, I know I do not want to stay in my hometown either.  I politely [I hope] turned them down.  Then, to complicate things, I got an offer from “City A” that I really, really want to live in, that is only 1 hour away from my family, and 1 hour away from many friends I’ve made during college.

At the corner of Thank Goodness and I’m Employed!

The catch?  If I went  to City A, I would have virtually no chance of ever getting the position I eventually want.  But I know I would be happy in City A.  I’ve never been to City B, so I don’t know if I would be happy there.  But, I have a chance at the position I want.  After speaking to the supervisor from City B several times, I found out that they are looking to fill this position late summer 2014.  And even though I would only have 2-3 months of experience at that time, they would seriously consider me for the position.  They’ve been looking for someone for a few years now, and no one has shown any interest, and I am very interested.  So, even though someone else with more experience could swoop in at the last second and snatch up the position, or the supervisor could decide after working with me for a little while that I am not yet ready for such a position, the situation is looking pretty promising.  If it does work out, I will be amazed.  I thought that I would need to do residency, wait several years, and fight for a position like this!  We shall see.

City B. Looks nice to me…and bigger than expected! (which is a good thing)

So, yesterday I officially accepted the offer from City B.  I have to do the very uncharacteristic thing and take a chance to try to get the position.  I hope the gamble pays off!  If not, I will run back to City A, and beg them to take me back in, haha.  I am not sure what my start date is, but I have to graduate and pass the boards first to be licensed as a pharmacist.  I will probably move at the beginning of June.

The last change?  Well, if I am living 5 hours away, I am going to need a good, reliable, fuel-efficient vehicle, right?  Turns out that I am getting a brand new car soon.  I almost got it this weekend, but since I am a picky person, we had to order the car, and it will take a few weeks to come in.  I normally would have waited another year, until I had started working and saved up the money, but I get an excellent, special discount if I buy a new car before I graduate.  I also have amazing parents who are giving me a 1-year interest-free loan to buy the car, since I have already accepted the job offer.

2014 Chevy Cruze Eco. Mine, all mine. Soon.

After the stress of the past two or three months, and the extreme stress of the past month, I am finally starting to breathe.  There are still many things to figure out: Will my boyfriend be able to find a job in City B?  When?  How will I apartment-hunt in a city 5 hours away?  Am I going to pass the boards?  I now have to take TWO law exams to get licensed, because I will need two different state licenses due to City B’s location.  Once you are out of school, how do you meet people and make friends, other than the approx. 5 co-workers that you have?  How do I find an intelligent balance between not going on a crazy spending spree because I’ve never had that much money before, and not hoarding all my money in my mattress like an obsessed squirrel because I’m not used to having money?  HOW AM I GOING TO FIND TIME TO COOK AND BAKE FOR THIS BLOG?!  Ok, I am sure I will figure that last one out.  I have to, what with my fancy new camera, and all!  🙂

I am very fortunate (and borderline spoiled!) and I cannot wait to start working.  Too bad I have four more rotations left, haha.


15 thoughts on “Change: Fortunate or Borderline Spoiled?

  1. On an iPad I always feel this theme is for the vision impaired. The font is huge! But it is a popular theme as I read several blogs that use it. Now, WOW! You have a heck of a lot going on! Good for you! I am so happy for you that you made such a huge decision. I have a feeling that since you made it, it is the right one, and it will turn out GREAT. So, try not to second guess yourself and just go with it! (My unsolicited advice.) Congrats and good luck with all that you still have to do!

  2. Thanks for sharing a great post. Great luck with all the change. Risks are great to take. They may not always pay off as planned but opportunities always come when we put ourselves out there. Congratulations and enjoy the camera. I love my own Nikon. A fun learning curve for sure. Happy holidays.

    1. I think you are exactly right about risks not always turning out just like we expect. I am trying to keep this in mind as I move forward, so that I can enjoy the opportunities I get, rather than be disappointed bc it’s not exactly like I hoped.

    1. I am excited–too bad I have 4 more months of internships to complete first! Oh well, having a job waiting on me just means I won’t be so stressed these last few months before graduation. And 5 hours from home is nothing compared to going all the way to India! 😉

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