Cucumber Slaw {Plans for a future recipe}


Sometimes (when I am at home, mostly) I am not able to experiment with a recipe the way I would like to.

Salt and drain the cucumber slices...
Salt and drain the cucumber slices…

Sometimes it is because I do not have an ingredient that I thought I had.  Sometimes it is because I forget to add an ingredient I planned on adding.  And sometimes it is because my mom likes the original recipe too much to allow me to experiment.

Add waaay too much raw onion.
Add waaay too much raw onion.

The latter occurred with this Korean beef taco recipe.  The recipe uses a slow cooker to cook beef marinated in soy sauce, brown sugar, rice vinegar, sriracha sauce, ginger, and garlic.  It also has a recipe for a very simple cucumber-red onion slaw made of cucumbers, red onions, (duh) and rice vinegar and red pepper flakes.  Delicious, tangy, simple.

Prepare to make the slaw.
Prepare to make the slaw.

The problem?  I don’t like raw onions very much.  They are way too overpowering.  I would either omit them or at least saute them to cut down on the noxious smell.  Also, I wanted a little more variety to my tacos than beef and cucumbers.  What better than to add some more vegetableage?  Edamame fits in with the Asian-theme (or, more accurately, the Americanized-Asian-theme) and has a delightful texture.  Next, to add some more vegetableage and crunch, why not add some finely-shredded cabbage?  Either green or red cabbage should work, but red cabbage has such a lovely colour that might be a nice contrast from the green cucumber and green edamame.  If you use red onions, this will also balance the red and green ratio of the slaw.  (Ok, so that may not be important, but it seems more orderly that way.  I am a bit OCD sometimes.)

Mmmm, Korean beef tacos with cucumber slaw.
Mmmm, Korean beef tacos with cucumber slaw.

Can you think of any other suggestions?

Planned improvements:

  1. Reduce the amount of onion!  Or saute the onion.
  2. Add edamame.
  3. Add some finely shredded red cabbage.

9 thoughts on “Cucumber Slaw {Plans for a future recipe}

    1. No, not yet. I won’t get my new camera until Christmas. So I won’t be posting pictures from my new camera until probably a few days after Christmas. I’m pretty excited, so I am pretty sure that I will make a big deal about it on the post that I first get to use my new camera.

  1. I used to not like onion. I liked the flavor, so I would cook with it but never eat it. I like it now, even raw, but it has to be teeny tiny little pieces. So for me I would do just the cucumbers and onions, but teeny tiny chopped onions. The ratio would not be acceptable to you (probably) 😉

  2. Love the experiment and your challenge. I’m with you on not being a huge fan of raw onion. My own recommendation would be to grill the onion. The advantage of this vs sautéing is that the onions will stay much more firm than if you sauté: 3-5 minutes aside will take the bite out of them. You can then either dice them after grilling or leave them in rings. I did this a number of times this summer and you’ll find them used in a number of my own creations. Another alternative would be to use shallots instead. Good flavour but milder and a little goes a long way.

    1. Shortly after posting this, I actually made an amended version of this slaw. Sadly, it is about 10 degrees F outside and I have no indoor grilling options. But the next time, I will have to try that! Thank you for the suggestion!

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