Korean Beef Salad


This is the final post about this Korean beef/cucumber slaw, I promise!

Here is the recipe for the crockpot Korean beef that my family used.  I reduced the brown sugar, and we didn’t use the full five pounds of beef, but otherwise we stuck to the recipe.


This just seemed like the simplest way to finish up the last of the beef, once we had run out of tortillas.  Besides, with fewer carbs, this is healthier, right?

Unlike a lot of salads, this salad is very satisfying, due to the nice amount of beef I added.  The rice vinegar added some wonderful tanginess that kept the vegetables interesting.

I may have eaten this for lunch for three days in a row.


The Recipe


Romaine lettuce

carrot, julienned

mini sweet peppers, sliced



crushed red pepper flakes

rice vinegar

Servings: Depends

Toss the lettuce, carrot, and cucumber in a bowl.  Add the Korean beef, cilantro, and red pepper flakes.  Drizzle a little rice vinegar over the salad and enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Korean Beef Salad

  1. I guess I haven’t been around in a while, you’ve changed the look of your blog. Very nice! And that salad, I know I would love it. Especially after the holidays are over and I’m craving foods that are light yet substantial.

    (As for the above comment, I also thought we couldn’t leave a comment. I had to click on the little cloud with the number on it to access the comments.)

    1. I only changed it a few days ago. Thank you! Yes, this salad was a nice break from all the other much-less-healthy food that we’ve been eating.
      Yes, sorry about the comments…I don’t think I can change the setting. :-/

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