Enoki and Fish Nabe


More Japanese food!

I did not make this, so I will only share the main ingredients, because I am afraid I do not know all the seasonings and sauces used.


Enoki mushrooms, napa cabbage, fish cake sticks, pork, miso, and mizuna.

enoki2 enoki

Enoki mushrooms are adorable.  In the nabe, they had a pleasant crunch and had a faint bitter taste.  The napa cabbage boiled down to nothing more than a vehicle for the flavours from the broth.  The fish cake sticks were pre-made frozen sticks of processed fish that had been battered, fried, and frozen.  It doesn’t sound appealing, but if you like fish or fish sticks, you would like these.  The mizuna leaves were beautiful but did not have much flavour.

Nabe...I will have a post with more details later.  :-)

The miso flavour brought everything together.  On the side we had rice with beautiful, deep purple pickled cucumbers.  The purple pickled cucumbers added some tangy flavour that cut through the saltiness of the miso.

pickled pickledrice


8 thoughts on “Enoki and Fish Nabe

  1. oh heck yeah. nothing better than a good old fashioned nabe to warm them bones.

    i agree, enoki are awesome. pretty much any soup with enoki, miso, and napa cabbage is amazing in my book.

    pretty soon deep sea angler is going to be in season in my area, which makes for quite the amazing nabe as well. i was curious, have you ever had kimchi nabe? that’s my favorite.

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