Steamed Eggplant, Pumpkin, and Rice

DSC_0046This is what you eat when you have many delicious Japanese…leftovers.

How to steam eggplant…in Japanese.

Well, maybe not, but I don’t believe this is a specific dish.  It is many side dishes, put on top of rice.  I combined all the ingredients in one bowl for convenience, and for one beautiful picture.  I love all the vibrant colours.

Cooking Japanese pumpkin.


Japanese pumpkin is delicious.  It is similar to sweet potato, but slightly, slightly less sweet.  The rind adds a slightly bitter contrast.


We also had steamed Chinese eggplant.  It looks unpleasant and slimey, but it was good.  Not as good as the pumpkin, but still quite tasty.


We also had blanced mustard greens with sesame seeds.  Boiling the mustard greens for a short time takes the worst of the pepperiness out of the leaves.

The last ingredient was the pickled cucumber that we had before with the nabe.

So many flavours…all so delicious.





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