Sweet Potato Shepherds Pie II

Sweet Potato Shepherds Pie  Dinner of Herbs.jpg

Dinner of Herbs has existed for a little over a year now.

The one year anniversary slipped by barely noticed, hidden amongst the more widely-acknowledged holidays known as “Christmas” and “New Year’s Eve”.


Even though the anniversary was barely remembered, this recipe from about a year ago could not be forgotten.  Warm, juicy, savory filling…soft, slightly crusty topping…  This only downfall of this dish, is that it is decidedly a winter dish.  It’s a shame that a meal this good can’t be enjoyed all four seasons.

Have I built it up enough for you?  🙂

DSC_0049 pan

I decided to re-post this recipe because the pictures that I had last year were horrendous.  Besides, I love playing with my new camera.


Last time I made it with celery and corn, but this time I used broccoli.  I wanted green beans, but I had to use what I had, and I am glad I only had broccoli.  It was delicious, if unconventional.


Sweet potato shepherds pie and sweet potato biscuits...perfect meal.
Sweet potato shepherds pie and sweet potato biscuits…perfect meal.

13 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Shepherds Pie II

  1. really like the idea of covering a Shepherd’s pie with sweet potatoes. Brilliant 🙂 My Costco bag of sweet potatoes isn’t cooking and baking itself, so I better get going with your recipes! And p.s. Happy Anniversary!

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