Red Cabbage Pork Potstickers with Whole Wheat Wrappers

Red Cabbage-Pork Potstickers  Dinner of Herbs.jpg

Potstickers, dumplings, gyoza….

Many different names for the one delicious food.

Shredded cabbage and carrot.
Shredded cabbage and carrot.
Adding the pork.
Adding the pork.
The filling!
The filling!

After all the delicious Japanese food that my brother made over Christmas break, I have been in withdrawal after not having any for a month.  I also had a red cabbage, begging to be used.  So, I decided to make one of the few Asian dishes that I felt I could conquer on my own.

I made so much filling, that I had to make the wrappers twice.  I shared the second time around with my parents, because I am home now for my next internship.  I can’t seem to stay in one place!  Anyway, I think this meal convinced them that they were happy to have me back for a few weeks.

DSC_0039 DSC_0040

To be honest, this recipe takes a lot of prep work.  But it is worth it!  I would make the filling the night before, or the morning before, depending on your schedule.  (Also, you can always cut down on the prep time by buying pre-made wrappers…but homemade wrappers are probably the healthier choice, unless you can buy whole wheat dumpling wrappers…)


Makeshift steamer!
Makeshift steamer!
Preparing to steam the gyoza.
Preparing to steam the gyoza.

The Recipe



1/3 small red cabbage, shredded

cold water, as needed

~ 2 Tbsp salt

2 medium carrots, shredded

1/3 lb pork, cooked and chopped finely

1 Tbsp Sesame-soy sauce-garlic vinaigrette


3/4 c white whole wheat flour

3/4 c flour

2/3 c water

extra flour for kneading and rolling the dough out

Servings: 18 medium-large potstickers

Shred the cabbage and soak in cold water with the salt for 45 minutes.  Drain and rinse cabbage, and set aside.  Add the shredded carrot, pork, and and vinaigrette.  Stir to combine.  For the wrappers, sift the flours together, and stir in the water until a dough begins to form.  Knead until well combined.  [My brother told me that the dough should “feel like an earlobe”.  Creepy, but ok.]  Portion the dough into walnut-sized balls.  On a well-floured surface, roll the dough out as thinly as possibly without tearing the dough.  Peel the dough off of the counter before you place the filling on the wrapper.  This will prevent the dough from ripping or shrinking after you have the filling in the wrapper.  Once you have placed approximately a tablespoonful of filling in the center of the dough, fold the dough over and pinch shut, to encase the filling.  Set aside, and continue until you have used all of the filling and dough.  Steam the potstickers for approximately 3-6 minutes, or until the dough on top is darker, and slightly see-through.  Enjoy!


9 thoughts on “Red Cabbage Pork Potstickers with Whole Wheat Wrappers

  1. Oh my how scrumpdelicious! I can’t wait to get to my favorite resturaunt for potstickers. But since you provided the recipe for these I might just give it a go. Yummy! Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks–I hope they work out for her! I had to try twice before they came out so nicely. This is also a great recipe to make if you have lots of helping hands: One person to cook the pork, another to be preparing vegetables, and another to be making the dough.

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