Truffle Oil and Porcini Mushroom Gnocchi

Truffle Oil and Porcini Mushroom Gnocchi  Dinner of Herbs.jpg

Originally, I was going to make pesto gnocchi with tomato, but when I pulled out the package of gnocchi, I found this instead:


Hmm.  Sounds delicious, but I did not think it would go well with pesto.  I thought the pesto could easily overwhelm the flavour that this gnocchi might have.  Since I had never had this gnocchi before, I decided to crisp it and taste it before I went any farther.


The taste was amazing.  And easily would have been overwhelmed by the pesto.  I was glad I had decided to not add the pesto.  Unfortunately, I had already diced the tomato.  After savouring a piece (and several more), I decided that it would taste great with the artichoke and tomato bruschetta that I had originally made for the first time not too long ago.


However, I did not want to add the bruschetta to the gnocchi, or else it would make the gnocchi lose its crispiness and go all soggy.  Blergh.  I decided to serve the bruschetta on the side, and it was amazing.

So, sadly, I do not have a homemade recipe for truffle oil and porcini mushroom gnocchi.  Nor a new meal centered around it.  But I thought the combination of this premade gnocchi and the already shared recipe of the bruschetta came together exceptionally well.


The Recipe


16 oz package truffle oil porcini gnocchi

olive oil

1 recipe Artichoke-Tomato Bruschetta

Servings: 4

In a skillet over medium heat, add the gnocchi to the skillet.  Mist with olive oil.  Fry until crisp and slightly golden brown on all sides, adding more olive oil as necessary.  Prepare the artichoke-tomato bruschetta, and serve over the gnocchi.  Enjoy!



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