Wedding Planning III

I am here for a short update.

The last week or so has been crazy, with apartment issues, internship work, and some wedding planning road blocks.  (We have currently asked two different people to play the piano/organ at our ceremony….neither have been able to do it.  But, there are always CD’s that can be played over the church’s sound system!)

But, it is Easter.  A time to celebrate, and a time to be thankful.

1) I am grateful that I got to see my fiance, even if for a very short time this past week!

2) I am grateful that I got such an amazing ring!  I will always love my unique, vintage-style (inexpensive) first ring, but 14K white gold and diamonds will last much longer:

ring1 ring2 ring3 ring4

3) I am thankful that I only have ONE WEEK left of unpaid slave labour!

4) I am thankful that the weather is so beautiful, and that I can run outside again.

5) I am thankful to have such generous friends and family.

6) I am thankful I got a little time to not only cook, but also to blog about it!  I can promise at least 3 new posts coming this week!

7) I am thankful that no matter what happens (with apartments, or piano-players, or whatever else), I already have more than I could ever dream of.



7 thoughts on “Wedding Planning III

  1. Wait. What? (Do I start out a lot of my comments that way?) Where did this ring come from? WOW! It is so gorgeous. Many of us don’t get married just to get the ring . . . but that one will net you A LOT of compliments and start a lot of conversations. That is super-duper gorgeous! WOW! I am thinking you are halfway through your last week of unpaid work. Almost done!

    Yay you!

    Congrats! And it is so wonderful of you to acknowledge that even though there are bumps in the road you still feel blessed!

    1. Yes, the first ring was a very inexpensive stand-in ring until my fiance had actually been working at his job long enough to save up some money. And….the ring is not from a jewelers….it is from Kohl’s! It is real 14K gold and real diamonds and everything, but I doubt most people would realize they could get a ring like this at a department store.
      And YES. Only today and tomorrow, then I am done with unpaid slave labour! Then on to graduation, then two weeks of training at half-pay, then board exams, then licensure, and then starting my full-time position!

      1. Ok, since you brought buying a ring up at a department store, I’m gonna tell you, I JUST (sad face) inherited my mom’s “wedding” ring. After they had been married 25 years she decided she wanted a diamond so she went to Mervyn’s (do you remember that store? Did they have them where you lived? They are KINDA like Kohls) and bought herself a nice looking ring. It has a small diamond and it is a nice unique setting. It has a very nice weight, it does not feel cheap and chintzy. So I know you can buy nice rings at a department store. Your ring is beautiful and I hope you get much joy out of it!

        Wow! You have so much going on! Whew! You can do it!

  2. Oh, my – that is a lovely ring, indeed. You have may sincerest sympathies with the twists and turns of wedding planning. It’s amazing how many people end up having opinions about your wedding that, otherwise, mind their own beeswax. (“Really? Great Aunt Tilda said she won’t come to the wedding unless we serve green beans at the reception? All right then …”) Hang in there – a gratitude list is a superb way to stay grounded!

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