Well, after taking about 2 months off, I am almost ready to start posting again.  I will use the next few posts to catch up on the major life events that have taken place so far!

First, was graduation, on May 17th.

After a six-year program, I finally graduated with my PharmD from Purdue.  And yes, that earns me the title “Dr.”.  I doubt anyone will ever be calling me that, and I will probably eventually forget that is my “title”, but oh well.

DSC_0050 DSC_0051The ceremony seemed to last forever–even though Purdue splits its graduates into several different ceremonies over three or four days….there are still many, many graduates to get through.  But finally it was my turn to walk across the stage, be ceremonially hooded, and get to shake hands and receive my diploma from Mitch Daniels.  (For the non-Indiana readers, he was the state governor, and now is Purdue’s president.)

After the ceremony, there was a nice reception with lots of good food for the pharmacy students.  I managed to spend a little time with my family and aunt, but also got to see some friends I haven’t seen much of in the past year while on rotations.

Also, one of my bridesmaids!
Also, one of my bridesmaids!

friendsThanks to my brother for all of these photos.  (Except the next one, of course!)

Afterwards, my family and I took several photos around campus.

My brother and I.
My brother and I.
My parents, my aunt, and I.
My parents, my aunt, and I.

It was a tiring day, but a good one.

Next post: The wedding!  It might be two or three posts, just to warn you.




18 thoughts on “Graduation

  1. Congrats. And there had BETTER be two or three or four or five posts about the wedding! 🙂 I read the cake one. My e-mail indicated there were two posts, but only one so far.


    1. Haha, right now, I think in addition to the cake post, there will be about 4 more posts. And you got that notification bc I accidentally posted one out of order. So, the next post is ready, and scheduled to be posted in 2-3 days. All the suspense just makes it more interesting, right?

    1. Thank you! I actually started on my first recipe tonight, for the first time in a long time. It won’t be posted for awhile, because I have all the wedding posts to go through, but it is nice to be playing with recipes again!

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