Painting Furniture II

After my success with the kitchen furniture, I decided to attack the larger dresser for the living room. For the living room, we decided to go with mostly creamy neutrals (well, once we get a couch, that is…right now our living room is empty of actual living room furniture) with accents of deep eggplant purple… Continue reading Painting Furniture II

Painting Furniture

My mother is going to kill me. I inherited my grandma’s nicely built (but a bit dated) bedroom set of furniture.  My mother made sure that I knew how lucky I was. Well, I painted it.  And not just some neutral beige, either.  My mother is not a fan of painting “perfectly nice, good-quality wood… Continue reading Painting Furniture

Greek Coleslaw

Since my husband had to work over the 4th of July weekend, we celebrated with a cookout on July 3rd.  We went to a nice state park just across the border, in Kentucky. The weather had been consistently in the mid-90’s, with lots of humidity, but the temperatures dropped to mid-70’s for several days around… Continue reading Greek Coleslaw

Strawberry Poppyseed Salad

It’s a recipe! After disappearing for two months, then rattling on about my wedding for two weeks, I am finally going to post a recipe!  I have several more important non-food posts, but they can wait.   First, we must dive into this summery recipe before summer ends. As usual, I found a recipe that… Continue reading Strawberry Poppyseed Salad

The Honeymoon

It was supposed to be a three hour drive, but it took us about 4 hours to get to French Lick after leaving our reception. The hotel was beautiful.  We had to figure out novel luxuries such as valet parking and bellhops, but we managed.  🙂  Since it was late and it had been a… Continue reading The Honeymoon

Wedding Part V | The Reception

This post will mostly be pictures. We arrived at the reception after taking a few pictures. Almost immediately, we cut the cake. It was delicious. There were cupcakes and other foods for the guests. We went around to try and talk to friends and family. And we got a group photo with about half of… Continue reading Wedding Part V | The Reception