Wedding Part III | The Wedding Morning

My fiance/husband and I had decided to take pictures before the ceremony, so as to not make the guests wait forever at the reception for us to arrive.

That meant that I needed to be completely ready by 11:45am.  It was a bit of a rush, but I managed to get ready on time.  First things first, I went for a short run.  I knew I would be stressed and nervous pretty much the whole day, so I wanted to at least have 20 minutes or so to myself and just not think about anything.  It was wonderful.

Oh, hey.
Oh, hey.

DSC_0155 DSC_0149

Afterwards, one of my bridesmaids went to the reception place to check on the cupcakes.  I kept having visions of the icing melting off of all of the cupcakes overnight, and the reception looking like a disaster, so she went and checked on everything.  Evidently, of about 90 cupcakes, only two or three were questionable, and we had back-up cupcakes waiting in the wings, so there was no issue.

After breakfast, I started getting ready.  My veil was my tiny veil that I made, and I wore the pearls my fiance/husband had given me as an anniversary gift two or three years ago.  No, I did not have someone do my makeup professionally, and I did not have a professional hairdresser either.  I did my makeup myself, and just did slightly more than usual.  For my hair, my fiance/husband’s sister came over, and she and one of my bridesmaids helped me pin my hair up after I had curled it.  My hair is not very cooperative, and doesn’t like to curl or be pinned up, so this was not an easy feat, but they managed it!

DSC_0193 DSC_0200

My family arrived perfectly on time at 11:45, and we headed over to a nearby park to meet my fiance/husband for pictures.  It was good to see him, after only seeing him in person about three times in the past five months, but we barely had time to talk until after we left the reception.

My brother was the cameraman, and he used my camera.  We took pictures at the park, and around Purdue’s campus.  I was a bit tense the whole time, because I was afraid we were going to run out of time, but we got a lot of pictures at all of the places we wanted to go to.

DSC_0219 DSC_0229

Soon, it was 1:30pm, and we were at the church, hiding in the library as guests began to arrive.  It was almost time for the ceremony.

We’re going to go get married now. Bye!



6 thoughts on “Wedding Part III | The Wedding Morning

  1. what a pretty bride you are 🙂 Great play-by-play. Glad all went well. I went for a run the morning of my wedding, too. Good call. Many congratulations to you both. Can’t wait to see those cupcakes!!!

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