Meet Isis

I’ve been keeping a secret for about 15 days.

We have a new family member!  Her name is Isis, and she is a 2 year-old whippet mix.


I’ve been planning on getting a dog as soon as I moved out for years now.  It even more seemed like the time to do so, since my family’s dog passed away about a month and a half ago.

The only issue was that my husband and I live in an apartment that has a weight restriction on pets: they are “not to exceed 30lbs”.  Well, we tend to like bigger dogs.  My family’s dog, May, was a red German Shepherd, lab mix and my husband’s family’s dog, Buddy, was a black lab mix.  I know there are always exceptions, but it seems that I meet many small dogs that are shivery, yappy, snarling little things.  I much prefer my bigger dogs that don’t feel like they need to overcompensate for their diminutive stature.

Belly rub?  Please?
Belly rub? Please?

However, there was one breed that had caught my eye a few years ago.  And before I go any further, I am not really a breed snob.  I don’t really care if my dog is purebred or not–in fact, I actually prefer mixes because they tend to have less health issues.  Why pay lots of money for a dog with genetic defects when you can get a healthy mutt that needs a home just as much, if not more?  It would be different if I were into showing dogs competitively, but I am not.  That being said, I liked the look of whippets.  Not only were they a funny-looking-in-a-cute-sort-of-way, they also just seemed to behave in a sweet, quiet, reserved way.  On a whim, my husband did an internet search and soon discovered that whippets happened to be great apartment animals because they are quiet, love to cuddle and sleep, and only need one good walk a day, in general.  They also weighed around 20-40lbs.  So, we might be able to find one that would not exceed 30lbs!


A few weeks ago, we went to the humane society, “just for fun”, and totally by coincidence, we found a whippet mix.  Sadly, she was mixed with a Great Dane, and therefore much above the weight limit.  Even after pleading with apartment management, we were not able to get her, but luckily she found a new home.

I was severely disappointed, and gave up the dog hunt for a few weeks.  Then, on the 4th of July, I looked up “whippet mixes” near our apartment “just for fun”.

I found Isis.  Perfect age, so that she was over the worst puppy behaviors, but young enough that we will have her for a very long time.  Online it said she was 30lbs.  Perfect!  She just made the limit!  She was at a rescue about 50 minutes away from our apartment.  I filled out the application, and the next day the rescue called us and set up an appointment for us to meet her Sunday night.

It's Dobby the House Elf, from Harry Potter!
It’s Dobby the House Elf, from Harry Potter!

She was much more hyper than advertised when we met her, but I had a feeling she was only so hyper because she was outside.  At first, my husband was not convinced, but I decided to follow my instinct that she would be a good, quiet dog, despite her current state.  We took her home!

Look at that adorable profile.
Look at that adorable profile.

She has been wonderful.  She rarely barks, and has not scratched or chewed or destroyed anything, other than her chew toy.  She seems so happy to see us when we come home from work or greet her in the morning.  When she gets excited, she has a sneezing fit, which is adorable.  She also loves to go on runs with us in the morning, and long walks in the evening.  The rest of the day, she likes to cuddle or sleep, and all around seems to be the ideal dog.  She is a great addition to our small family.



13 thoughts on “Meet Isis

  1. Yay! Congrats. Our cat just died and we are heart broken . . . I don’t want another cat because there is no cat like Spot! So we talk about dogs, but we can’t agree because I like big dogs and he has never had one so he does not understand how they can be trained to not rule the house.

    Isis is BEAUTIFUL. She looks totally sweet. I don’t know if she is a good actress for the camera, but she just looks soooooo sweet!

    So many changes up with you. Congratulations on it all. Yay for you and your new hubby adding to your family. Thanks to you both for rescuing a dog!!!!

    1. Awww, I’m sorry about your cat. It is so hard to lose a pet. And I understand not wanting a “replacement”, while you heal. Isis has fit in really well and is very well-behaved–we are very spoiled in that respect.

    1. Thanks! The original owners actually picked the name “Isis”, but the rescue introduced her as “Iris”. It wasn’t until we got her home, and I found a letter from the original owners in the dog’s papers, and they were calling her “Isis”. We decided we liked “Isis” better, and converted her back to her first name. …Now the only bad thing, is that this is bad timing, because there is evidently some group of militants in Syria going by the name ISIS. NO, our dog has nothing to do with a militant uprising, and the name does not reflect our involvement/support, haha.

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