Painting Furniture II

After my success with the kitchen furniture, I decided to attack the larger dresser for the living room.

For the living room, we decided to go with mostly creamy neutrals (well, once we get a couch, that is…right now our living room is empty of actual living room furniture) with accents of deep eggplant purple and a tiny bit of lime green.  Adventurous colour scheme, no?

We also bought this chair from Target, because it has the perfect colours:

chairWe already have a lovely tan/cream couch picked out, but we are delaying buying it until we have some more money saved up.  We coooould buy it now, but I would prefer to not have my bank account look so devastated.  Thank goodness I just started my new job!

1. Sand
1. Sand

So for the dresser, I decided to also be adventurous and match that deep eggplant colour.  Here is what I was going for:


Here are two major things I would have liked to know BEFORE starting this project:

1) There is such a thing as black primer!  Who knew?  It would have been very helpful in getting the deep rich colour I wanted, without having to do FIVE to SIX coats of pain!  That is not including the two coats of primer, and the two coats of polycrylic.

2. Prime
2. Prime

2) When I bought my first can of paint (naively thinking that I would only need 2 or 3 coats, and therefore a quart would be more than enough paint), the Lowes employee should have informed me that the paint I handed him could NOT be made to match the colour swatch I handed him exactly.  (And then he should have pointed me towards the appropriate quart of paint).  Instead, I took my incorrect paint home, painted four coats, and was still somewhat disappointed in the Barney-shade of bright pinkish purple.  When I ran out of paint, I hoped that it just still needed more coats to cover the blinding white primer, and headed back to Lowes.  I got a different employee this time, who informed me that “I can’t make this colour with this paint”.  Uh, what?  Oh, and the first employee did not make the colour match barcode thingy for the first can either, so she couldn’t match the first incorrect colour either.  So I had her guess at the colour, bc luckily I had enough of the first can to do a final coat over the newer can of paint.  I just needed multiple layers, and only had one layer left of the old colour.

Barney, is that you?!?
Barney, is that you?!?
I love love me....we're all one big happy familyyyyyy
I love you….you love me….we’re all one big happy familyyyyyy

This time, I went ahead and bought satin nickel finish spray paint, to refinish the doorknobs and handles.  Sadly, when I was putting the hardware back on the dresser, one of the screws seems to have magically shortened, and now I can’t fasten the last doorknob.  Can I buy a single screw at Lowes?

In the end, I am mostly happy with the furniture.  It is still too….purple.  But it is close to the deep, deep reddish purple I was going for.  Sort of.  But I may always call it Barney.

So about the painting…have you seen The Office? This is our version of Michael’s gift to Jim and Pam for their wedding.




7 thoughts on “Painting Furniture II

  1. Well, I bet that I am not seeing the actual color because – ya know, monitors and all – but what I am seeing is lovely. And, maybe a bit Barney-ish, but still lovely.

    I am still impressed that you painted the furniture.

    Happy you finally started your new job. Yay you!

    1. It will be forever somewhat Barney-ish. Unless in a year or two I just can’t take it anymore, and go back to get the proper colour. That may well happen.
      But I love my job! It is so nice to be able to have more freedom and ability to fix problems, and not rely so much on other people to finish things. I know that makes it sound like I don’t work with people, but that is not the case. Sometimes it is just easiest to follow one task through all the way, rather than tossing it back and forth between three different people.

  2. I LOVE painted furniture. My first project was a cedar chest that I still have. I think the color you chose is lovely and hopefully you will continue to find bargains and “spruce them up” with paint. Lovely job!!!

    1. Oh, a cedar chest! How nice. I am in the process of buying two more kitchen chairs to paint and re-upholster so that 4 people can sit at our tiny kitchen table. I am also in the process of painting and upholstering/tufting a small bench to put at the end of our bed. So excited to have somewhere to sit when I put on my shoes in the morning! haha

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