Re-upholstering Kitchen Chairs


We have a lovely little cherry kitchen table, that I inherited from my grandma.  There was only one thing wrong with it: the seat covers were made of a horrible material.


I think it was microsuede or whatever, but whatever it was made of easily matted down and latched on to every single crumb and dog hair in the apartment.  Even worse, the scratchy crumbs would scrape up my be-shorted legs, which was uncomfortable and gross.  The final straw was when Isis got into some poison ivy, and it kept spreading.  I was running out of things to clean, and finally decided that she must have gotten some poison ivy oil on the kitchen chairs, because the poison ivy was mainly spreading on my upper legs anyway.

DSC_0041 DSC_0042

TIME TO RE-UPHOLSTER THE CHAIRS!  I came to this conclusion at about 2pm, and by 5pm I had researched, gone to Hobby Lobby for material and a staple gun, and reupholstered both chairs.


In other words, this was not a difficult DIY project.  Fortunately, since the cushions were still in ok shape, and the original upholstery was not old and disintegrating, I was able to skip to just simply re-covering the chair cushions.  The cushions easily unscrewed from the chairs, and I took the chance to thoroughly wipe down the wooden part of the chairs.


For the material, I had chosen a thicker weave called, “duck”.  Never heard of it before, but it seemed heavier and more durable, and the pattern was cute, and the colour matched our place-mats almost exactly.  The sunny yellow also looks lovely with the reddish cherry wood table.

Next, I cut two rough squares out of the material to recover the cushions.  There was a little tricky folding and pin-tucking going on at the corners of the cushions to prevent bunching, but it really was not difficult.  A light-duty staple gun was plenty for this project, and I was pretty excited that I could find one for under $8 at Hobby Lobby.


Next, I found some secondhand chairs on craigslist, and hopefully can buy two soon.  I will paint the wood (since I am not trying to strip, stain, and varnish wood, especially not when I would have to try and get an exact match to existing stain) and reupholster the seats with the same material.  This way they will be somewhat cohesive, but different enough that it is not weird that they go together.  Hopefully I will hear back from the seller soon!


7 thoughts on “Re-upholstering Kitchen Chairs

  1. have a chair I need to recover and am realizing now I need a staple gun. I also need to stuff it with something, I think. You are inspiring me, Jenny. Your chairs are very pretty 🙂

  2. Your post makes me think of what I have to do with my kitchen chairs…re-do the seat cushions!!! And, I only purchased two chairs which was a mistake when I bought the table. It has been so perfect over the years…used by me…used by others. With lots of memories, I just can’t get rid of it!!!

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