Haunted Kitchen Chairs

Our kitchen chairs may be haunted.


Ok, honestly, I do not believe in ghosts or anything of the sort, but it is fun to say that our kitchen chairs (or at least 2 of them) are haunted.  Why would I say such a thing?

Well, as you know, we are in the process of trying to fill our apartment with inexpensive furniture, and I have been painting and re-upholstering a lot of older furniture.  We had a nice, small kitchen table, but it only came with two chairs.  This is fine when it is just my husband and I, but we might like to invite people over to dinner sometime.  (I do like to cook, you know…)  So the hunt for two more kitchen chairs was on.


After several early Friday and Saturday mornings of garage sales, we were not having much luck.  Occasionally we would find a single chair that might work, but nothing seems to come in sets or pairs at garage sales.  I was fine with having two different chairs at the kitchen table, but three different chairs just looks crazy.

Add some batting!
Add some batting!
Sloppily staple the batting.  You can clean it up after you get it stapled down.
Sloppily staple the batting. You can clean it up after you get it stapled down.

I turned to craigslist.  And I found some lovely older chairs.  They appeared to be sturdily built, they had a lovely shape, were a bit worn, and in bad need of re-upholstering.  In a word: perfect.  I was planning on painting and re-upholstering them to match my existing chairs anyway, all I needed was a good foundation.

Then grab your fabric!
Then grab your fabric!

I contacted the seller, and we set up a time for me to come see (and most likely purchase) them.  The seller gave me the address, I threw it in my GPS, and was off, with the cash in my purse.  (Oh, by the way…this was the evening before my in-laws were going to arrive.  Why not get chairs tonight, clean them, re-upholster, and spray protect them tonight so we could all sit at the table like a civilized family the next day?  Ambitious?  Yes.  Doable?  Yes.)

A friend suggested that this was much better than Scotchguard.  Guess we will find out!  (2 thin coats)
A friend suggested that this was much better than Scotchguard. Guess we will find out! (2 thin coats)

Guess where the address led to.

A funeral home.


I passed it the first time (expecting to arrive at a house), and the second time by, I noticed the number on the building.  So, I pulled into the parking lot, and called the seller.  “Hello, this is Jenny again…1005 E Main appears to be a funeral home…?”.

“Yes, we live upstairs.  Do you want to come around to the front?”


I did not know that people (today, at least) lived in funeral homes.  Despite my lack of superstition, I do not believe I would want to live in a funeral home.  Ghosts or not, dead bodies are still dead bodies.  Embalming fluid scent is not very pleasant either.  I prefer to spend my time as far as possible from such things.  Anyway, the chairs were great, and the funeral home looked nice, and the seller was very kind.  So I whisked the chairs into my car, and headed back home.

I decided to use a double layer of batting over top of the cushions before re-upholstering these chairs, since the cushion was so old, thin, and threadbare.  The seats will still not be known for their comfort, but they are now reasonably comfortable, and match my other chairs.

No, the cushions are not attached here, so if they look crooked, that's why.
No, the cushions are not attached here, so if they look crooked, that’s why.

I LOVE the shape of these.  Even the cushions are interestingly shaped.  Fortunately, the shape was not so difficult that it overcomplicated the reupholstering.  I cannot wait to see them completely finished.  There will be a post, never fear.

Once the in-laws head home, I can start sanding the wood and work on priming and painting the chairs, but for now, we can all sit at the table together.

Who knows, maybe we are even joined by a few more restless souls….


4 thoughts on “Haunted Kitchen Chairs

  1. Ha, ha, ha, ha. I am with Amy. I didn’t see that the chair was taken apart in the first picture and I thought you were going to say that you found it like that — turned over. So they must be haunted. Ha, ha, ha.

    I didn’t notice the was taken apart because I was looking at the design of the chair. I love it. Those are cool. The backs are interesting and like you said the seat shape is interesting too. Cool for you!

  2. I love this!!! That is so awesome, when I saw the first picture with the chair turned upside down, I thought you were going to say, you woke up in the morning and the chair was over turned like that LOL!!! OMG!! I am not sure what I would do at that point ha ha ha 🙂

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