Tufted Bench

I’ve been wanting a bed bench.

Piano bench with Ugly Duckling Syndrome.
Piano bench with Ugly Duckling Syndrome.

I don’t know if that is what they are called, but that’s what I call them.  They are cute little benches that you put at the foot of your bed.  Perfect for sitting on while you put on your shoes in the morning.

Look at the ombre sawdust!
Look at the ombre sawdust!

I saw lots of nice benches, but they were all either expensive and/or not exactly what I was looking for.  Some were too simple, and some were too ornate.  Few were the colour I was looking for.

Cutting the cushion to size.
Cutting the cushion to size.

Finally I resolved to make my own.  As long as I could find a cheap piece of furniture that had the basic shape of a bench, I could paint it, and upholster it.  I knew from re-upholstering my kitchen chairs that it wouldn’t necessarily be too difficult.


Then I started noticing all the tufted benches….and I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied with a plain upholstered bench.  So, I went shopping for a drill.


Yes, it turns out to tuft, the best way to do it is to drill a hole through the piece that you are upholstering, so you can pull the threaded button tightly from the other side of the furniture, and attach to the back.  It sounds confusing, but fortunately is not all that difficult to do.  I also found a nifty button maker at Hobby Lobby.  For about $3 you can get 5 buttons and the button maker.  Then you just cut a small circle of fabric of your choice, layer the fabric and button, and then push down on the button-maker as hard as you can, until it feels like the tip of your finger is going to implode.

Then, voila!   A beautiful, custom button.


The cushion was the single most expensive part of this bench.  I was able to save some money by buying thinner cushion and double-layering it.  I attached it to the bench and attached the layers to each other with spray adhesive.  It was worth the expense, because now the bench not only looks nice, but it is also fairly comfortable!

last DSC_0079 DSC_0082


6 thoughts on “Tufted Bench

  1. Ha, ha, ha. Funny. Sit on the bench while you put on your shoes. So funny. If I need to sit I just sit on the floor. (I’m a firm believer in being able to get down on the floor and up off the floor.) BUT . . . . I also have carpet . . . don’t know that I would be so inclined to be on the floor so much if it were not carpeted . . . especially in the winter.

    You, my blogger friend, are so talented. It would be so cool to be in your house and look around at all the things you have redone, rejuvenate, repurposed! Beautiful stuff you are creating!

    1. Yeah, I would just hop on one foot while trying to put on the other shoe…and usually I would end up falling/leaning into a wall.
      Thank you! I am trying hard to make our somewhat-dark apartment brighter.

    1. Ummmmm….actually I have been playing with the idea of making a headboard! Not sure if I will use anymore of the same fabric (my husband thinks it is a little bit girly), but maybe a nice creamy linen material? The only thing is, it would require more power tools than I have in my possession, or experience with. We will see. I might have to consult with my dad when he visits this weekend.

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