Peach Salsa and Fish Tacos


Peach salsa.

I finally made it!

DSC_0008 DSC_0011 DSC_0009

Too bad the peaches were not quite ripe enough yet.  Otherwise, it was all delicious.  I bought and used a fresh jalapeno pepper for the first time…and even splurged on fresh cilantro.  (The poor college kid in me is still alive and thriving, despite finally being graduated and having a mostly-full time job.  I have debts, you know!  So, yes, fresh cilantro is still considered a “splurge”.)


I did not have chipotles, neither could I find adobo sauce at the grocery store.  Instead I just added plenty of chili powder and paprika to the fish marinade.  It worked well.


We had plenty of salsa left over after the fish tacos were gone.  It was good to eat on tortilla chips, or just with a spoon.


So colourful and flavourful.


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