We live right on the border of a time zone.  In my opinion, we live on the wrong side of the time change.  Even though we still have over 2 months to go until the shortest day of the year, it is already dark at 6pm.  Also, our apartment is half-sunk into the ground–it is basically a basement with tiny windows high up on the walls.  This does not bode well, especially since my energy level and general happiness seems to have a direct correlation with the amount of sunshine I see.  Winters are always rough, but this looks like it might be the roughest yet.

To try and make this winter a little better, I decided to add some greenery inside.  A terrarium was the perfect solution.  We used 2 different ivies, and another plant that I don’t remember the name of.  The leaves are dark green on top, and a deep plum on the underside.  I chose it for its colour.

All it took was a beautiful lantern/terrarium from Hobby Lobby (50% off!), a layer of rock, a bit of charcoal (from a pet store), some potting soil, and plants that tolerated mild humidity and needed the same amount of water.  We also created a little barricade just inside the door to hold the dirt inside while we worked on the terrarium, and so it doesn’t spill out every time we try to open it and add a little water.  We just used two of those free paint stirrers you can get whenever you buy paint, and cut them down to size.

DSC_0077It’s a bit crowded….but lovely.



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