Spring rolls

On the same trip to the Asian market that I gathered supplies for sushi, I also purchased some spring roll wrappers. It is amazing how sturdy, yet flexible these wrappers are!  I expected them to tear and rip open or stick to the plate.  None of the above happened.  Somehow they held in all of… Continue reading Spring rolls

Homemade Sushi: Date Night

A little while ago, when my family came to visit, I enlisted my brother’s help to gather supplies for a surprise for my husband. Since my brother spend a semester abroad in Japan, and has made sushi several times before, I asked him to take me to a local international market to gather supplies so… Continue reading Homemade Sushi: Date Night

The Family Visits!

Last week, my family came to visit! They arrived Sunday afternoon, and we spent most of the afternoon relaxing and catching up.  For dinner, I pulled out my lovely, lovely new find: Two days before my family arrived, I found a 3-piece pasta attachment set for my KitchenAid stand mixer…for $30.  Yes, $30.  Typically it… Continue reading The Family Visits!

Red Cabbage Pork Potstickers with Whole Wheat Wrappers

Potstickers, dumplings, gyoza…. Many different names for the one delicious food. After all the delicious Japanese food that my brother made over Christmas break, I have been in withdrawal after not having any for a month.  I also had a red cabbage, begging to be used.  So, I decided to make one of the few… Continue reading Red Cabbage Pork Potstickers with Whole Wheat Wrappers

Everything Nabe

Another Japanese meal courtesy my brother.

plate1 plate2

This one had the most ingredients in it that I have ever seen in one pot.

bag pot1

Four types of mushrooms.  Japanese pumpkin.  Carrot.  Leek.  Green onion.   Tofu.  Fried Tofu.  Spinach.  Mustard greens.  Napa cabbage.  Mizuna.  Daikon radish.  Ginger pork meatballs.  A delicious, salty broth.


Steamed Eggplant, Pumpkin, and Rice

This is what you eat when you have many delicious Japanese…leftovers. Well, maybe not, but I don’t believe this is a specific dish.  It is many side dishes, put on top of rice.  I combined all the ingredients in one bowl for convenience, and for one beautiful picture.  I love all the vibrant colours. Japanese… Continue reading Steamed Eggplant, Pumpkin, and Rice

Fried Trumpet Mushrooms with Japanese Meatloaf

This summer, I tried fresh mushrooms for the first time. I have tried four new types of mushrooms this past week.  Enoki mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, shimeji mushrooms, and king trumpet mushrooms.  The enoki were crunchy and slightly bitter.  The shiitake were pleasant, if not very distinguishable from the rest of the dish that I ate… Continue reading Fried Trumpet Mushrooms with Japanese Meatloaf