Sage Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie

   Shepherd’s pie used to only be something I read about in books as a kid. Some mysterious food that I dreamt involved lovely thick, flaky crusts and warm steamy insides. Well, it turns out I was wrong about the crust, but I was right about the filling, at least!  I know the sweet potato… Continue reading Sage Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie

Twice-Baked Mediterranean Red Potatoes

       Honestly, the goal today was to use up some red potatoes that were starting to grow eyes, and to get rid of some feta cheese crumbles that weren’t yet growing eyes….but you never know. Turns out feta cheese and red potatoes is not a new combination.  But adding broccoli and balsamic vinegar… Continue reading Twice-Baked Mediterranean Red Potatoes

Greek Yogurt Cheesecake

I love cheesecake.  I hate greek yogurt. I hate the fact that a normal slice of cheesecake can easily hit 400 calories and 40% of your daily amount of allowed fat. I love that greek yogurt…doesn’t do either one of those. I have seen a few recipes that completely omit cream cheese altogether, but let’s… Continue reading Greek Yogurt Cheesecake