Wedding Planning III

I am here for a short update. The last week or so has been crazy, with apartment issues, internship work, and some wedding planning road blocks.  (We have currently asked two different people to play the piano/organ at our ceremony….neither have been able to do it.  But, there are always CD’s that can be played… Continue reading Wedding Planning III

Spring Break

All good things must come to an end. Today I am referring to spring breaks.  Although I technically have one year left of college, it is not a traditional year with classes, exams, or scheduled summer, fall, or spring breaks.  While I never took the typical high school or college student spring break trips*, I… Continue reading Spring Break

Where We Ended Up: Downtown Zionsville

What do you do when the desire to travel overtakes you, but you only have three hours? Mini day trip! My boyfriend and I decided to make the reasonably short drive to Zionsville, IN to have lunch and do a little sight-seeing and picture taking.  (Remember my New Year’s resolution?  I’m trying!) If you have… Continue reading Where We Ended Up: Downtown Zionsville